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Hublot BLACK CAMO 411.YT.1198.NR.ITI16

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    28 Aug

    In line with the hublot watches for sale
    mechanical design, the crown and rubber strap with lining reflect the spiral
    structure of the worm wheel. Finally, the new manufacturing core can be manually
    wound using a large grooved crown or an electric Torx handwritten pen, inspired
    by the world of racing cars. Big Bang MP-11 marks a new chapter in the
    integration of art with the expertise gained through the development of MP-05 La
    Ferrari in 2013. The ultra-complex structure of the core has been completely
    reconsidered, seamlessly integrated into the Big Bang case, showing excellent
    aesthetic and performance. The new Big Bang MP-11 embodies the fusion of
    reinventing mechanical watchmaking and harsh materials, "said Ricardo Guadalupe,
    chief executive of Hublot.

    The new Big Bang MP-11 is limited to 200
    pieces, juxtaposed with its color back, made of transparent sapphire crystals.
    As a leader in large-scale sapphire processing, diamonds are the hardest and
    most durable material after diamonds. Hublot elevates the crystal case to a new
    height by giving it the profile curve of the cylinder. As striking as an engine
    is its sapphire crystal case, which can be amplified on power reserve

    On Thursday, July 20, 2018, Hublot Chief Executive Ricardo
    Guadalupe launched a strategic partnership with David Margason, General Manager
    of Porto-Montenegro, which considers the Swiss luxury swiss luxury watches brand to be the
    official timer and official observer of the Super Yacht Terminal and the
    Porto-Montenegro Yacht Club.

    Thanks to its navigational roots, Hublot UNICO ITALIA INDEPENDENT BLACK CAMO 411.YT.1198.NR.ITI16 Hublot has made a
    lot of smart moves along the Mediterranean coast in the past few years. In 2007,
    the Swiss watchmaker set up its first boutique store at the Hotel Hutel Byblos
    in San Tropez. In 2017, Hublot launched Classic Fusion Ibiza and Catsic Fusion
    Mykonos, and celebrated four direct boutiques with maritime themes in Cannes,
    San Tropez, Capri and Cherwo.On the ruins of former Arsenal, Porto Montenegro
    Wharf and Yacht Club were founded less than 10 years ago by visionary people,
    including Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH, Jacob Rothschild and Peter
    Munk, a Canadian businessman and benevolent family. Porto Montenegro Hotel,
    located in the deep waters of Cottor Bay, has a spectacular natural beauty and
    has rapidly become a delicate paradise for sailors from all over the world. It
    now has a fully integrated wharf with more than 450 berths, 290 luxury seaside
    houses, a five-star hotel and a yacht club, as well as more than 50 retail units
    and dozens of development projects.Made of titanium, its sleek case is an
    epitome of timeless elegance. Only 30 pieces are being released, now available
    at Excelsior, Hublot exclusive retailer in Porto Montenegro as well as all
    across Central Europe.

    To seal this truly unique partnership, Hublot CEO
    Ricardo Guadalupe and 120 privileged guests gathered at the Borderless Pool of
    the Montenegro Yacht Club in Porto. Hublot revealed the classic fusion
    chronometer of Porto Montenegro. To celebrate the summer, the new watch shows
    the blue sky and sea. Its blue sundial is at 3 o'clock and the back is decorated
    with Porto Montenegro logo. This limited edition features an automatic chain-up
    mechanism with blue rubber and luxury replica watches calf leather straps.