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passes for 17 yards. Love

  • 29 January 2019
    导出博客文章Ref Watch is back to debate another batch of controversial decisions from the
    weekends football fixtures. Weve got yet another bumper edition this week as
    former top-flight referee Dermot Gallagher joined Rob Wotton in the Sky Sports
    News HQ studio to go through a number of contentious calls, not only in the
    Premier League but also an unusual incident in League TwoFrom questionable
    penalty decisions, two yellow card incidents and a bizarre disallowed goal, we
    have picked out eight incidents reviewed during Mondays Ref Watch. Was your team
    affected by a contentious decision? Read on to find out...MATCH: Crystal Palace
    v Liverpool, SundayINCIDENT: Penalty given to Liverpool in injury time. Referee
    Andre Marriner felt Damien Delaney made contact with Christian Benteke in the
    box and a penalty was awarded. Should Liverpools injury-time penalty against
    Crystal Palace have been awarded? It was a decision hotly debated between Jamie
    Carragher and Thierry Henry SCENARIO: In the 94th minute, Delaney dived in on
    Benteke in the penalty box with the referee Marriner feeling there was enough
    contact to award a penalty.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Wrong decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: A
    decision that has polarised opinion. I think no, but there are many people that
    think yes. I have watched this all the time and I think no, but what this does
    highlight to me is that if we have a video referee and we go to the video
    referee, we are still not going to get a decision that everybody is going to
    agree on. The reason I say that is that the two guys sat here - Neil McCann and
    Ray Parlour - spoke to me earlier and they are poles apart. One says penalty and
    one says no.The law has to be applied from minute one to minute 90, there is no
    comfort zone for saying: It is 90+4 and you cannot give a penalty.MATCH: Crystal
    Palace v Liverpool, SundayINCIDENT: James Milner sent off for two yellow cards.
    James Milners second yellow card was given after a challenge on Wilfried Zaha
    SCENARIO: The first yellow card came in the 40th minute when James Milner went
    in late on Yohan Cabaye. The second yellow was given for a tough challenge on
    Wilfried Zaha just past the hour mark.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct
    decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: I think he can have no complaints. The first tackle on
    Cabaye is just late and reckless and everybody expects a yellow card. It is just
    a tackle that every player is going to get a yellow card for in the Premier
    League in any match.The second one he has gone in from behind to stop a
    counter-attack, he is reckless and gives the referee no alternative but to send
    him off. And unfortunately it is just a case of two mistimed tackles equals
    red.MATCH: Tottenham v Arsenal, SaturdayINCIDENT: Francis Coquelin sent off for
    two yellow cards. Coquelins tackle on Kane saw him get sent off
    SCENARIO: Coquelin brought down Eric Dier on the half-hour mark. The Frenchman
    was given a second yellow for a late tackle on Harry Kane on the
    touchline.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: Michael [Oliver] did
    not think [that he was fouled in the build-up to his first yellow], but what you
    can definitely say is that he committed a yellow-card offence. It is interesting
    as he went to play advantage and then came back to give a free-kick and quiet
    rightly yellow carded him. He has handled the ball and stopped the play.His body
    tells you everything [for the second yellow] and unfortunately it is a decision
    Michael cannot not make.MATCH: Tottenham v Arsenal, SaturdayINCIDENT: Possible
    foul by Eric Dier on Olivier Giroud after already being on a yellow card. Eric
    Dier and Olivier Girous tussled near the halfway line SCENARIO: Giroud got past
    Dier but is then pulled back by the midfielder. Its a free-kick to Arsenal but
    no yellow card for Dier, who had already been booked.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Wrong
    decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: He pulls him back and stops a promising attack, so you
    cannot argue with that.The second one he hauls him down and I have no idea why
    Michael did not send him off. I think everybody would expect to be sent off.
    What I would say is the thing to learn about for the referee is that if he had
    to stand here, I think it would be easier for him to explain sending off the
    player than to try defending not sending him off. I think that is the key issue
    here. I cannot give a case for not sending him off, but I can certainly give a
    case for sending him off.MATCH: Tottenham v Arsenal, SaturdayINCIDENT: Hector
    Bellerin brings down Dele Alli when already on a yellow card Hector Bellerin and
    Dele Alli were involved in a collision SCENARIO: Alli is pulled back by the
    Arsenal right-back on the halfway line, but is not given a second yellow
    cardGALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: I think the first one is
    definitely right, without a doubt, as once he has gone past he is away and has
    an avenue to go in and has a good promising attack, and he has stopped it.The
    second one I am not so sure about. It is on the halfway line, but is it stopping
    a promising attack? Is it breaking up a promising move? I think he is on the
    wing on the halfway line, and this is a case where there has to be a stepping
    process. And in this case that is pulling him over and saying: Listen this is
    your last chance. Because at that point, he is not stopping a promising attack,
    it is not what I would say is a mandatory yellow card.MATCH: West Brom v
    Manchester United, SundayINCIDENT: Juan Mata sent off after picking up two
    yellow cards for separate fouls on West Broms Darren Fletcher. Mata appears to
    make contact with Darren Fletcher, resulting in a yellow card for the Spaniard
    SCENARIO: Booked for blocking a Darren Fletcher free-kick, then received a
    second yellow for another challenge on Fletcher just 26 minutes in.GALLAGHERS
    VIEW: Correct decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: The first one he is delaying a restart.
    At the time, you never think of a second yellow, he is just taking one for the
    team.The second one, it is life and no matter how nice a guy is - I once sent
    off Matt Le Tissier and you could not meet a nicer guy! - the law does not allow
    you to pick and choose. He has committed a second yellow card and unfortunately
    he has got to go.MATCH: Everton v West Ham, SaturdayINCIDENT: Evertons Kevin
    Mirallas sent off for two bookings, the second one was a challenge on Aaron
    Cresswell. Kevin Mirallas was sent off after receiving a second yellow for a
    foul on Aaron Cresswell SCENARIO: Having already been booked for diving,
    Mirallas went in late on Aaron Cresswell as he tried to clear the ball. Red card
    was given in the 35th minute.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct decision.GALLAGHER SAYS:
    For the first yellow, it was the right call. The good thing is the referee is in
    the right spot, so he has the perfect view. He has got an angled view so he can
    see and so he has got a better view than us as he is looking sideways on and can
    see there is no contact and he has yellow carded him for attempting to deceive
    him.He has paid a heavy price for the first one and he has actually been sent
    off for the first one really, because for the tackle, he is going to get a
    yellow card every day of the week. But the first one could have been avoided. It
    is just instinctive really, he has gone for the ball and the referee has gone
    for his card.MATCH: Everton v West Ham, SaturdayINCIDENT: Mohamed Besic blocks
    Dimitri Payets shot in the box with his hand. Mohamed Besic blocks Dimitri
    Payets shot with his hand, but did he enough time to bring it back down?
    SCENARIO: The ball is floated across the box to Payet, whose volley then strikes
    Besics hand in the penalty area, but the referee gives no penalty.GALLAGHERS
    VIEW: Correct decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: I think he is right. If you watch, he is
    so close, he has turned, it has come so fast, he has made no attempt to play the
    ball. But it comes back to every week we are talking about handballs. Handball
    to me is the new offside, it is every week we are looking at it, but I think
    that would be very, very harsh.MATCH: Chelsea v Stoke, SaturdayINCIDENT: Erik
    Pieters on Oscar in the 79th minute after already being booked. No second yellow
    given. Dermot Gallagher feels Erik Pieters should have got a second yellow card
    after fouling Oscar SCENARIO: Pieters looked to have kicked Oscar, claiming the
    Brazilian made too much of it afterwards. Clattenburg doesnt issue a second
    yellow.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: The first one was late
    and reckless. I think was is also good is that the assistant flags this as well
    as he has got the best view, which reinforces it.I do not think the second one
    is a yellow card as he pulls out and does not go in recklessly. It is a foul and
    not every foul is a yellow card.Match: Chelsea v Stoke, SaturdayINCIDENT: Oscar
    falls over in the box under a challenge from Marc Muniesa. Dermot Gallagher
    feels Marc Muniesas challenge on Oscar warranted a penalty SCENARIO: Oscar turns
    Muniesa in the penalty area, before being brought down by the Stoke defender,
    but referee Mark Clattenburg decides it is not a penalty.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Wrong
    decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: I think it is a foul and is in the penalty area. I
    think that should be a penalty, but for whatever reason the officials did not.
    Maybe the referee saw it from a different angle to me, I do not know, but from
    every angle I have seen Muniesa pushes over Oscar and he never once plays the
    ball.MATCH: Southampton v Sunderland, SaturdayINCIDENT: Jose Fonte sent off for
    foul on Sunderlands Fabio Borini. Jose Fonte was sent off for pulling back Fabio
    Borini SCENARIO: Saints skipper Fonte is sent off for pulling back Borini as the
    Sunderland striker runs clean through on goal in the 79th minute. A red card is
    issued.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct decision.GALLAGHER SAYS: The only decision is,
    is it a foul? I do not think he has played the ball, but once the referee has
    given the foul, there is no choice and he has to go as it is denying an obvious
    goalscoring opportunity. There is no doubt in my mind that if he is not fouled,
    the player gets free and goes on to have an attempt on goal.The assistant
    referee did not give it, but maybe over the headset he has said to the referee…
    That is the one thing about the communication system that we see no tangible
    evidence. He may have said, he may not, but if he had flagged it would have
    reinforced the referees decision.MATCH: Wimbledon v Accrington Stanley,
    SaturdayINCIDENT: Accrington take the lead just seconds after the referee blows
    for half-time Referee Trevor Kettle blew for half-time just as Accringtons Billy
    Kees shot hit the back of the net. Were Stanley hard done by?
    SCENARIO: Accringtons Billy Kee appears to score the opening goal, but referee
    Trevor Kettle chalks it off as he blew for half-time just as Kee shot.GALLAGHERS
    VIEW: Technically a correct decision, but not one he would have made.GALLAGHER
    SAYS: I can only put myself in that position and I think if I was in that
    position and I see a player turning in the box, I cannot be accurate to a split
    second when half-time is, so I do not think I would be blowing then. I think I
    would either blow long before he turns and shoots, or I would blow after he
    shot. I would not blow in the middle and you just see the furore it caused at
    half-time.As you say, technically he is right, but I do not know how he can be
    so accurate and how he wants to risk such match control because you saw what
    unfolded afterwards and I think that is probably a very difficult second half to
    referee. Also See: Premier League grades WATCH: Did Benteke dive? Delaney: Ref
    said no penalty Live on Sky
    Pepe Reina
    . Durant finished with 24 points and 13 rebounds, Jackson matched
    his career high with 23 points on 10-of-14 shooting and Lamb scored 12 points on
    5-of-7 shooting, lifting the Thunder to a 94-88 win over San Antonio and
    snapping the Spurs 11-game winning streak.
    Suso Jersey . --
    Charline Labonte couldnt have asked for a better homecoming.
    . The International Olympic Committee released the official list of bid cities
    on Friday after the deadline for applications had passed. The candidates -- all
    previously announced in their own countries -- are: Almaty, Kazakhstan; Beijing;
    Krakow, Poland; Lviv, Ukraine; Oslo, Norway; and Stockholm.
    Alvaro Morata
    . The Australian is competing in his final season in Formula One
    and still looking for his first win this year. He will look to end Vettels run
    of six straight race wins on Sunday. Webber, who is fifth in the championship,
    earned his second pole from the past three races and 13th of his career.
    Gerard Pique
    . -- Sergey Tolchinksy scored his second goal of the game 3:56 into
    overtime as the Sault Ste. PRINCETON, N.J. -- John Lovett threw for a touchdown
    and ran for another as Princeton handed Penn its first Ivy League loss, 28-0 on
    Saturday.Lovett was 6-for-9 passing for 63 yards, had 13 carries for 46 yards,
    and caught two passes for 17 yards. Lovett has now accounted for 25 touchdowns
    this season.Princeton (6-2, 4-1) started scoring early when Jesper Horsted
    blocked Hunter Kellys punt after Penn (5-3, 4-1) went three and out on its first
    drive. Jeremiah Taylor returned the blocked punt 14 yards for a 6-0
    lead..ddddddddddddThe Tigers full-time quarterback, Chad Kanoff, engineered a
    12-play, 78-yard drive that ended when Lovett crashed in from a yard out to make
    it 13-0 in the second.In the third, Lovett passed 4 yards to James Frusciante,
    and Kanoff converted the 2-point conversion on a pass to Frusciante for a 21-0
    lead.Alek Torgersen led Penn (5-3, 4-1) with 179 yards passing and 46 rushing.
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