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, for two hours before dinner

  • 16 Feb
    导出博客文章Granit Xhaka has become Arsenals third most expensive signing after joining from
    Borussia Monchengladbach. While the transfer fee has been undisclosed, Sky
    Sports News HQ understands Arsenal are paying in the region of £30m for
    midfielder Xhaka.After calls to spend, spend, spend over recent seasons, Arsenal
    look to be treating their supporters to an early summer gift in the form of the
    23-year-old. Alexis Sanchez was signed for around £35m from Barcelona in 2014 A
    fee of around £30m would be almost double that paid for the current
    third-highest signing in the clubs history; the £17m, including add-ons, for
    Jose Antonio Reyes from Sevilla in 2004. Who is Granit Xhaka? We profile Granit
    Xhaka - the midfielder Arsenal are paying £30m for The £41.5m handed to Real
    Madrid for Mesut Ozil still tops the spending list for Arsenal, with Alexis
    Sanchez, £35m from Barcelona, in 2014 second.Compared to other clubs, Arsenals
    signings over £20m have been few and far between. Manchester City have signed 20
    players for £20m or more, while Manchester United have signed 13, Chelsea 15 and
    Liverpool nine. Mesut Ozil was a shock £41.5m signing from Real Madrid in 2013
    Arsenals highest transfer fees Mesut Ozil Real Madrid £42.5m Alexis Sanchez
    Barcelona £35m Granit Xhaka Borussia Monchengladbach £30m Jose Antonio Reyes
    Sevilla £17.4m Andrey Arshavin Zenit £16.95m Santi Cazorla Malaga £16.5m Calum
    Chambers Southampton £16m Danny Welbeck Manchester United £16m Sylvain Wiltord
    Bordeaux £13m Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Southampton £12m Andrey Arshavin (£16.95m
    from Zenit), Calum Chambers (£16m from Southampton), Danny Welbeck (£16m from
    Manchester United) are Arsenals next highest signings, surpassing the £13m paid
    to Bordeaux for Sylvain Wiltord in 2000 and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (£12m from
    Southampton) in 2011.There have been varying reports on the amount of money
    Arsenal have to spend this summer, but Wenger warned fans in April that the
    recruitment process is as not as easy as it sounds. Andrey Arshavins was signed
    for £16.95m on Deadline Day in January 2009 We have to strengthen our squad but
    its not obvious to find the players despite the money the English clubs will
    have, said Wenger.Of course, we will work very hard to do that. We are already
    working. But we have to find the players and that is not easy. Xhaka has joined
    the Gunners from Borussia Monchengladbach Arsenal were top of the Premier League
    at Christmas, but ended up stumbling in late winter and early spring before a
    late revival saw them finish second. They have failed to pass the round of 16 in
    the Champions League for the past six seasons, with some fans becoming impatient
    at Wengers tactics in the transfer market. Sky Sports Audio Listen to the latest
    Arsenal transfer news, reaction and big-name opinion, with Sky Sports Audio Also
    See: Xhaka signs for Arsenal Transfer Centre Latest transfer news Transfer
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    heroes.I dont remember when I first started running with my dad. There were the
    early-morning wake-ups to go skiing, the bike rides with strudel as the
    proverbial carrot and voyages in our inflatable boat that was called?The
    Challenger.Now, in my late 30s, its the running that has stuck. At 70, my dads
    pace has slowed, but hes still as religious -- compulsive, as he puts it --
    about his running schedule.Every other day, in sun, fog, snow or sleet, my dad
    pulls on his running outfit -- a mixed-media affair that weve tried to update
    over the years -- turns on the morning news and begins his physical therapy
    routine that lasts for about 40 minutes.Then the soft knee braces go on.
    Followed by the running shoes, sunscreen, and his sweat-stained baseball hat,
    where the peaks of perspiration have created a mountain range of salt summits
    across the front.Eventually -- sometimes under duress, or his annoyed shouting
    from the road -- Ill head outside, and well be off.As we settle into rhythm, the
    chatting begins. Small talk is not his thing. Sometimes its politics. Elizabeth
    Warren was at a local fundraiser and was as impressive in person as she seems on
    television, my father explained. Sometimes its neighborhood news. A tourist had
    a dog on the beach but got comeuppance when the cops were called, he would
    retell me.More often than not, its my career. In fact, the trajectory of my
    adult life can be traced in jogs with my father, and not always fun ones.Among
    the first was when I was in the throes of a job that had dragged me under. As we
    rounded the corner of my parents street, the sound of gravel and sand underfoot,
    I defended my well-paid job as a celebrity reporter.We get in a certain track,
    my dad told me, professionally. If this wasnt the track I wanted, Id better move
    on.The toughest jog I ever took with my dad was a few years later, when I had
    found work, but was struggling.It was August, and steamy. Rivulets of sweat were
    rolling down my temples, my breath was easy, despite the heat. I couldnt talk to
    my dad?about how often I was crying alone.I didnt want another nudge to move
    back East where, my dad said, there was more opportunity. And more educated
    people. And family. Instead, I just kept movving in the thick summer
    air.dddddddddddd We were on the sand now, bathed in sweat, at low tide.It was
    time to sprint past the Yankees flag planted in a neighbors yard -- another
    local affront, but a good end-of-run finish line. We ran hard and high-fived and
    congratulated ourselves.Six months later, we ran together again. The Santa
    Monica air was cool and dry, and the sky had that mix of blue and gray that
    California gets on winter days. We jogged up the tree-lined side streets to my
    local park, where you could make a few laps or cut them short.He was thrilled
    with it -- the picnicking families, the planes landing nearby, the bright
    bougainvillea draping the route like curtains. As we panted along, I told him
    that things were finally getting better. I was on medication that made me feel
    like myself again. I was freelancing on top of my day job, and best of all, I
    had ideas and plans and energy.Over the years, I stopped running on my own as
    often; between injuries and, frankly, boredom, I lost the will to trot myself
    around the pretty blocks of Santa Monica, which had begun to feel monotonous. I
    still made sure to pack my running gear every time I visited my parents.There
    is, in that repetition, not just a comfort, as I had always seen it, but a
    profound drive. Jogging isnt my fathers only habit: there is piano -- thats
    nightly, for two hours before dinner, not including lessons and recitals. And
    writing, on the mornings hes not jogging, and newspaper-reading, every day,
    after writing or jogging.At worst, my dads routine is an infuriating rigidity
    that has overridden all kinds of other things -- earlier dinnertimes, for
    starters. At best, its pure dedication, a devotion to making time to breathe and
    think.For me, its been the subconscious push to keep going when its cold and
    rainy, when Id rather stay in bed, and when theres a wrong turn and no end in
    sight.Whether my dads running habit is a function of a strong work ethic or a
    fanatical compulsion doesnt really matter. In a literal sense, jogging with him
    for 30 minutes every other day has been the comforting habit I get to come home
    to, no matter what season it is.
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