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  • 15 August 2019
    As he embraced a fresh start
    Monday Chase Allen
    , Josh Rosen said all the right things, smiled a lot and even
    cracked a couple of jokes, such as when he noted the phalanx of photographers
    nearly drowning out his first news conference with the Miami Dolphins.“These
    clicks,” he said with a chuckle, “are loud.”Rosen does attract clicks, which is
    a big change for a Dolphins team low on star power. It has been so long since
    they had a Pro Bowl quarterback that Rosen referred to him as “Mr.
    Marino.”Despite a rough rookie season that prompted the Arizona Cardinals to
    discard him, Rosen still believes he can be a Dan Marino-type franchise
    quarterback. And he’s glad to get an opportunity with the Dolphins, who are
    eager to stop a revolving door at the position that has gone through 19 starters
    since Marino’s last game 20 years ago.“I couldn’t be more excited to be here,”
    Rosen said. “Very rarely do you get a second chance to make a first
    impression.”As for motivation, Rosen’s crooked grin grew wider when he was asked
    about any chip on his shoulder.“I don’t think my chip has to grow any more,” he
    said. “I might tip over.”More Miami Dolphins newsDolphins sign veteran lineman
    Jordan Mills to
    1-year Mike Hull
    , $3 million contractJosh Rosen believes he can be Dan Marino-type
    franchise quarterback with DolphinsDolphins new QB Josh Rosen bids goodbye to
    Arizona, congratulates Kyler MurrayDolphins bolster defense, provide Josh Rosen
    with another shot to be franchise QBDolphins acquire QB Josh Rosen from
    Cardinals for 62nd pick, 5th-rounder in 2020He was the 10th overall pick in the
    2018 draft but became expendable in Arizona last week when the Cardinals used
    the No. 1 overall pick to select Kyler Murray. A day later, the Dolphins
    acquired him for two draft picks to become part of their rebuilding effort under
    first-year coach Brian Flores.“I felt like I got drafted twice,” he said.Rosen
    took no jabs at the Cardinals and acknowledged that in Miami he faces a one-year
    tryout . If he doesn’t play well this season, the Dolphins will likely have a
    poor record and be well-positioned to take a QB early in the first round in
    2020.Rosen also acknowledged his image needs work. Doubts about his leadership
    and personality linger despite efforts by Arizona teammates and coaches to
    dispel them.He said the issue dates to his years at UCLA.“I didn’t have all my
    answers as perfectly crafted as I do now,” he said. “I said some things off the
    cuff, and people misconstrued them. …“I think I’m a really good teammate. What
    I’ve tried to do is not say or do anything extra, just kind of be me and keep my
    head down, and eventually the story will straighten out. I think it has for the
    most part. Time and consistency are the best medicine to cure the
    narrative.”With that in
    mind Matt Haack
    , Rosen had answers ready when asked about:— competing for the
    starting job with another Dolphins newcomer, veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick. “The
    timing on whether I play or not is not up to me.”— Pro Football Hall of Famer
    Marino. “Hopefully I can follow in some semblance of his massive footsteps.”—
    his belief that he can become a franchise QB. “I think I’m a good quarterback,
    and I think I’m a good leader.”The Dolphins hope he’s right. Already on his
    second NFL team, Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen also is on his fourth NFL
    offensive coordinator.Yes, his fourth.The progression has gone from Mike McCoy
    to Byron Leftwich to Tom Clements in Arizona, and now to Chad O’Shea in
    Miami.“It encourages some mental gymnastics and the more you train it and the
    more you work it, I think the better you get at it,” Rosen said, via Hal Habib
    of the .The Miami offense under O’Shea, the former Patriots receivers coach,
    becomes the latest that Rosen has to learn.“I’m trying to break down this
    playbook as quickly as I
    can Stephone
    Anthony Jersey
    ,” Rosen said.Rosen also will be working with Jim Caldwell,
    the assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach and Jerry Schuplinski, the assistant
    quarterbacks coach. And also Hall of Famer Dan Marino, a Dolphins executive who
    has a hand in the quarterback situation with the team for which he
    starred.“We’ve got a lot of great minds in there from a lot of different
    backgrounds,” Rosen said. “I think we’ve got a really good room. Hopefully it’s
    going to be an indicator of a lot of success.”Rosen will need to have a lot of
    success, or the Dolphins could do next year what the Cardinals did this year,
    drafting a quarterback who supplants Rosen, and who potentially triggers another
    trade of a guy who would then be on offensive coordinator No. 5.