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  • 16 August 2019
    导出博客文章Adelaide skipper Taylor Walker is set to return to the AFL after recovering from
    an ankle complaint.Walker missed Sundays 82-point thumping of Essendon after
    pulling up sore in the dying minutes of the Crows round 18 clash with
    Geelong.The 26-year-old spent time in a moonboot but was cleared of serious
    damage and is expected to play against Brisbane on Saturday night.He did a light
    session this morning, Pyke said after Sundays game.I think hell be up running
    probably as early as tomorrow.He has no soreness at the moment which is great so
    wed hope hell train for us Wednesday and be ready to go next week.The Crows are
    also confident valuable ruckman Sam Jacobs has avoided serious injury after
    hurting his left ankle against Essendon.The 202cm veteran landed awkwardly
    during a marking contest early in the second quarter of the 22.11 (143) to 9.7
    (61) win at Adelaide Oval.Jacobs didnt return to the field and later emerged on
    crutches.The report at the moment is its a low-grade strain, Pyke said.Once he
    came off, the decision from the doctor was probably a no-risk policy which is
    wise in the circumstances.Hopefully he can rehab that and give himself every
    chance next week.Key forward Josh Jenkins filled in for Jacobs against Essendon
    but was solidly beaten by Matthew Leuenberger, who finished with 53 hitouts.Pyke
    said he would consider sticking with Jenkins if Jacobs was unavailable, with
    untested rookie Reilly OBrien a chance to make his debut.
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    . With the first unit struggling of late and Amir Johnson -
    one of the teams iron men - hobbling on an injured right ankle, Patterson knew
    he could get the nod in a challenging matchup against one of the leagues up and
    coming players at his position.
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    seconds into the game, but the hosts quickly regained their composure and tied
    the score less than four minutes later on Wennbergs first of the game. This post
    contains spoilers.Ginny Baker (portrayed by Kylie Bunbury) is human, and that
    sentiment seemed be the underlying theme in the fourth episode of Pitch, Foxs
    new drama about the first woman to play Major League Baseball.In the episode,
    entitled The Break, Baker is named to the All-Star team while juggling an
    intense relationship with her mother -- and her mothers boyfriend, which is an
    added stress for the young pitcher.There are probably viewers who thought Ginny
    Baker as an All-Star was an undeserved storyline at best, and cheesy at worst.
    If Baker were pitching in 2016, however, there absolutely would be a giant
    social media campaign to #PutHerInTheGame.The problem is that Baker isnt an
    All-Star in the traditional sense of the term. Shes won her last three games,
    but isnt the best pitcher on her team, let alone one of the best in the league.
    Yet by popular demand shes made the elite team.Sometimes characters are written
    to be a bit arrogant or confident -- blinding them to their own flaws. Baker,
    however, is fiercely competitive and knows when she isnt playing well or hasnt
    earned something.Interestingly, manager Al Luongo (Dan Lauria) encouraged her to
    accept the offer to play in the game. Take the pity date, he said, referencing
    how his wife only went out with him because she felt sorry for him. It doesnt
    matter why they say yes; it matters what you do after they say it.This is a
    feeling that many marginalized people know quite well. Women, people of color,
    the LGBTQ community, etc., are frequently told that they must earn their
    opportunities to prove that they are just as good as those in the privileged
    majority. It is a function of meritocracy, or the ideal that, in the United
    States, rewards are based upon a persons hard work.However, many opportunities
    and spaces are closed to those typically marginaalized, or at least are rife
    with barriers to entry.dddddddddddd Boardrooms, writers rooms, and ballclub
    front offices are a few examples. That scarcity of representation creates
    immense pressure to justify the presence. No doubt Baker felt that when she took
    the mound.Once in the game, she promptly gave up a home run (which the
    announcers gleefully highlighted).No one shoulders a bigger burden than Baker,
    and even when shes successful in the league, there are moments when that sense
    of pressure shows.Adding to that burden, is the complexity of her relationships
    (and lack thereof) with her family. Bakers mother, Janet (Chastity Dotson),
    makes an appearance in this episode, and to say their relationship is tense
    would be an understatement. It is revealed that a portion of Bakers tenacity for
    baseball was developed as a means to get back at her mother, after Baker
    witnessed her get a little too close to a man who was not Bakers father. It
    turns out, that same man is now Janets boyfriend, and she brought him to San
    Diego (Baker pitches for the San Diego Padres).These glimpses of Baker off the
    mound create a deeper sense of humanity for the character. Shes strong,
    vulnerable and capable. And isnt that what all women are? Bunbury asked me
    rhetorically during a set visit in August.Baker is not meant to be a superhero,
    but she is doing superhuman work, both in the fictional Pitch universe and in
    viewers living rooms. She turns conversations about worth on their heads, and
    she is constantly humanizing women at a time when society might need that
    most.The character implores us to look past the burden she carries and see her
    for the person -- the human -- that she is. Shes exactly the hero we need. ' ' '