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  • 20 August 2019
    The Oakland Raiders are exploring playing a preseason game in
    Canada and joint practices with the Los Angeles Rams this
    summer Womens
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    , according to Michael Gehlken of the .A game north of
    the border in Canada could be the first of two times the Raiders will leave the
    states to play a game in 2019. The team is already scheduled to play the Chicago
    Bears in London during the regular season. Per the report, it would be a Raiders
    home game that would be moved to the Canadian site if the game is scheduled.The
    Raiders are, begrudgingly, set to play one final season in the Bay Area before
    moving to Las Vegas for the 2020 season. Efforts to find an alternate home site
    for games this fall after their lease with the Oakland Coliseum expired proved
    However Sam
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    , the London and Canada games would mean the team would
    play just eight home dates in Oakland instead of the standard 10 for the
    preseason and regular season. A postseason appearance would potentially add to
    that number, obviously.The Canadian preseason game would also mean one fewer
    game with the dirt baseball infield of the Coliseum as well.The report points to
    Regina, Saskatchewan and Mosaic Stadium as a possible site for the game. The
    field plays host to the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football
    League. Rogers Centre in Toronto played host to several games – exhibition and
    regular season – featuring the Buffalo Bills from 2008-2013. BC Place in
    Vancouver was the last stadium outside Toronto to host an NFL game of any kind
    as the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers met in the 1998
    preseason.Additionally, the Raiders are also trying to set up joint practices
    with the Rams. The team held practices with the Detroit Lions last year as well.
    The Rams also held joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens last August.Los
    Angeles Rams VP/COO Kevin Demoff on negotiations with DL Aaron Donald from early
    August: “We just don’t see eye to eye” Less than a month
    ago ,
    Los Angeles Rams VP/COO Kevin Demoff had this to say regarding contract
    negotiations with DL Aaron Donald:With Donald having held out last year into the
    regular season and now holding out again this year with the regular season
    looming two weeks from today, anxiety is high among the fan base over a possible
    extension. Rams Head Coach Sean McVay alluded to the suggestion that he and the
    training staff would like to have him by the end of this week to acclimate him
    to NFL training and gameplay speed and whatnot.But a new interview with Demoff
    with SiriusXM radio cleared things up...well not at all:It’s not very different
    than that interview he gave to the Mighty1090 in training camp.“We just don’t
    agree” has turned into “we don’t see eye-to-eye,” and Demoff continues to
    insinuate that there’s a balance between signing Donald to their terms and
    threatening their future suggesting that signing him above a certain rate would
    hinder the team’s ability to remain competitive.It is what it is.And on a day
    when the New York Giants and their fans are celebrating locking down one of the
    NFL’s best wide receivers in Odell Beckham Jr., the Rams and Aaron Donald are
    still where they’ve been for more than a year.Which is hardly comfortable right
    now.(UPDATED August
    27 Womens
    Brandon Allen Jersey
    , 3:38pm ET)Just heard back from SiriusXM. The audio
    was from an interview earlier this month.Have to wonder how recent developments
    have progressed and how, given the two sides weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, that
    might have changed...