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  • September 10, 2019
    Dan Quinn addresses Deion Jones
    injury Desmond
    Trufant Jersey 2019
    , Steven Means signing in Monday presser The Falcons
    are reeling from the loss of Keanu Neal, but they won’t get much of a chance to
    mourn losing their star safety for the season. The Panthers await, after
    all.Appropriately enough, Dan Quinn’s focus was elsewhere Monday, though he did
    spend some time talking about Damontae Kazee. Here’s what you need to know from
    the head coach’s typical Monday presser.Deion Jones’ foot injury This one will
    ring a few alarm bells, because a Falcons defense without Jones or Neal is not a
    Falcons defense I relish watching. We won’t get our first real injury update
    until Wednesday, something that Dan Quinn acknowledged, but the “sore foot”
    phrasing makes it sound like it’s a minor setback rather than an injury that
    would leave Jones unable to play against Carolina.Obviously, this bears close
    watching. The defense just isn’t as quick or as lethal without Jones, and the
    Falcons have to play against a Carolina squad that runs the football often
    between Cam
    Newton Black
    Damontae Kazee Jersey
    , C.J. Anderson and Christian McCaffrey. Why the
    Falcons signed Steven MeansThis is a pretty succinct summary, but the only one
    you need. Means was a monster in the preseason for the Eagles, registering
    multiple sacks as a defensive end for that mean Philly defense. He was
    supposedly a tough cut for the Eagles to make, and as the fourth or fifth
    defensive end on this Falcons defense, it’s not clear how many opportunities
    he’ll get right off the bat.That said, the Falcons are smart to do something.
    Takk and Brian Poole got sacks and we saw some solid pressure up the middle, but
    Vic Beasley once again had a relatively quiet game, and Brooks Reed and Derrick
    Shelby in particular didn’t offer a ton off the edge. Means may not get on the
    field right away, but the Falcons will find a way to use him if he looks
    promising, especially with the pass rush becoming even more important with the
    likely dropoff in coverage that comes from losing Keanu Neal. Damontae Kazee is
    the guyWe don’t exactly know how the Falcons will divvy up safety snaps at this
    point Damontae
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    , with Brian Poole potentially becoming a factor down
    the line given his physicality and the potential for Isaiah Oliver to emerge at
    cornerback sometime this year. But it’s fair to say that Kazee will be a huge
    piece of the puzzle, no matter what.This would ring hollow if we hadn’t seen
    Kazee play this preseason and then against the Eagles, where despite some
    adventures he managed an insanely difficult open field tackle and a murderous
    hit that popped the ball loose for Deion Jones to intercept. Allen and Kazee
    isn’t quite the duo that Allen and Neal were, and it’s a virtual certainty that
    Kazee won’t be as good as Neal in any one aspect of his game this year. But even
    if he get 75% of the way there, the Falcons will be in pretty good shape, and I
    believe he can. The Cowboys want to sign receiver Amari Cooper to a long-term
    deal, but the negotiations apparently are going nowhere. That’s possibly because
    Cooper is curious about where another receiver’s effort to get a long-term deal
    ends up.Clarence Hill of the contends that the Cowboys believe Cooper is waiting
    to see what Julio Jones gets from the Falcons before finalizing a deal in
    Dallas. And that makes plenty of sense.Jones could become the highest-paid
    receiver in the league, and that would definitely impact the Cooper
    negotiations. Indeed, the Cowboys may be trying to base Cooper’s deal on the
    $13.924 million that he’s due to make this year and the franchise tag (at least
    $17 million) in 2020, which works out to $31 million or so over the
    all-important first two
    years Black
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    , an average of $15.5 million annually. If Jones gets
    more than $18 million per year in new money on his extension in Atlanta, Cooper
    may aim higher than the formula generated by his first-round option year and the
    franchise tag.Cooper also has other leverage when it comes to maximizing his
    compensation. The Cowboys traded a first-round pick to get him, and they
    publicly (and repeatedly) have declared that he’s their 2019 first-round pick.
    Even if those comments came with tongue partially planted in cheek, the Cowboys
    surely didn’t surrender a first-round selection for roughly 1.5 seasons with
    Cooper.Then there’s the fact that Cooper performed very well during his time
    with the Cowboys, energizing the passing game and actually making the
    first-round pick they gave up to get him seem to be too light.From Cooper’s
    perspective, what’s the rush? He has a fully-guaranteed salary of $13.924
    million in 2019, and at a minimum he’ll either become a free agent or receive
    the franchise tag in 2020. As long as he’s willing to carry the risk of injury
    and/or ineffectiveness for one more season, Cooper holds most of the