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Stuffed Dates With Pecans

  • December 27, 2019

    The Date Room: Offering Luxury Intertwined With a Flavor of Culture

    Dates – it may sound that they are just a kind of fruit, but dates are something way beyond that! They are a part of the culture of the East. And their cultural significance is what makes them perfect for gifting. Also, they have a lot of health benefits which ensures that they have absolutely no downsides. Now, if you are planning to gift dates stuffed with pistachio to someone, you should head straight to The Date Room. It is very well-known luxury brand that offers different types of dates that you can conveniently gift to people or also treat yourself with!

    It is a youngEmirati brand. The seasoned Emirati entrepreneur, who is the driving force behind the business, owns family-owned date farms. Handed down to them since generations these farms have a story to tell, the story of a culture, their generations, and of course, the journey of the dates. When you choose to buy a pack of stuffed dates with pecans from The Date Room, you not just get the best quality of homegrown dates, but also get the assurance that the dates have no added preservatives or chemicals. Also, they customize your orders after you place them which mean each pack is made with tender loving care and also is as fresh as it can be.

    If you place an order with them today, you can choose the delivery date with an option to get it the second day anywhere around the UAE. Another fascinating fact about The Date Room is that they offer free delivery across the country on all orders over a certain amount. You can visit their website to know more about delivery the schedule and timings.

    Their website is a visual treat in itself. With sample pictures of their gift boxes, you will be able to see how beautiful their packaging is. But, their packaging is just the cherry on the top! The rich taste and the luxury and cultural significance that their dates with pecans hold are the real deal. They have a variety of gift box options and packaging varieties based on the different occasions that you may choose them for. Also, to have a bite of the date luxury that they offer, you can choose their The Date Room Cake or the delicious Gingerbread cookies box! Go order your box of style, flavor, and pleasure today!

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