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  • Jan 2
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    , N.J. (AP) — Dave Gettleman isn’t ready to make a
    decision on Eli Manning’s future as the quarterback of the New York Giants.The
    general manager and the two-time Super Bowl MVP had a no-holds barred conversion
    about Manning’s future Monday after the team missed the playoffs for the sixth
    time in seven seasons.Gettleman would not say Wednesday whether the quarterback,
    who will turn 38 on Thursday, would be back for a 16th season.Manning’s $23
    million salary cap hit will play a role in the decision, but the bottom line is
    Gettleman will do what is in the best interests of the Giants (5-11).“He came in
    and he wanted to talk,” Gettleman said of the conversation. “I have a crazy idea
    that if a guy asks me questions, I’m going to be honest with him. He wasn’t
    called to the principal’s office. He came to see me.”Manning, who has a year
    left on an $84 million contract, threw for 4,299 yards, 21 touchdowns and 11
    interceptions this past season despite being sacked a career-high 47 times. His
    completion percentage (66) was the highest of his career.“Once we got rolling,
    once everybody got comfortable with the offense, if you’re going to look at
    stats, it wasn’t too shabby what (he) did,” Gettleman said of Manning. “He still
    can make the NFL
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    , you know what I’m saying? He’s still got it.”There is no
    doubt Gettleman respects Manning, who he called a “mensch.” It’s a Yiddish word
    meaning “a person of integrity and honor.”“There’s no deviousness, there’s no
    duplicitousness, none of that stuff. He’s a mensch. Someday, I hope to be a
    mensch,” Gettleman said.The question is whether Manning is the best choice to
    lead the Giants to victory and Gettleman plans to watch plenty of videotape and
    talk to his coaches and scouting staff in coming to a decision.In a news
    conference that lasted more than 30 minutes, Gettleman said he liked the
    direction the Giants are headed. The dissention-ridden locker room from last
    season (3-13) was cleaned out, leaving only 13 players on the final roster.Among
    other topics Gettleman touched on:— He said the offense overcame early season
    woes to lead the NFC East in scoring, but the defensive play needed to improve.—
    Gettleman said the Giants didn’t re-sign receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to a
    five-year, $90 million before the season to trade him.— A recent survivor of a
    bout with cancer, Gettleman was certain he made the right choice drafting
    running back Saquon Barkley with the second pick overall instead of taking a
    young quarterback.— The veteran general manager also was happy with Pat
    Shurmur’s first season as coach, particularly after a 1-7 start.“We’re trying to
    build sustained success,” said Gettleman, who replaced the fired Jerry Reese
    last December. “That takes brutal honesty and that takes tough decisions.”—
    Gettleman would not comment on the status of cornerback Janoris Jenkins and
    linebacker Olivier Vernon. Both are under contract but each could be a salary
    cap casualty.“We’re going to look at
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    , we’re going to evaluate everything. Everything is on the
    table for us,” Gettleman said.— Looking forward to this year’s draft, Gettleman
    has no intention of forcing a pick, such as taking a quarterback early because
    of Manning’s age or a team need.“You do that, you’re going to make a mistake,
    you’re going to screw it up,” he said.Manning’s father, Archie, recently said
    his son can’t go through another losing season. Gettleman found it humorous when
    asked it he could guarantee a winning team next season.“Really and truly, can
    anybody guarantee anything like that? Really?” he said. “All you Yankee fans
    thought you were going to win 162 games this year (laughter). I knew better. All
    kidding aside, you can’t guarantee that. There’s no way. I wouldn’t guarantee
    that to anybody.”Gettleman believes he heads into this offseason with a better
    understanding of what Shurmur and his coaches need in terms of players.While the
    offense was his focus heading into the offseason last year, the defense will
    occupy that spot now.Despite not making the playoffs, Gettleman does not see
    this as a rebuilding season. He actually hates the word.“You just keep going,
    you just keep building. It’s really what we’re doing
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    ,” Gettleman said. “We’re doing our best to accumulate the
    talent that fits our schemes, and that understands how to play the game, and
    hates to lose. That’s what it’s really all about, and we’re going to continue to
    do this and get it right. We’re going to fix it.” Golden Tate is “definitely
    looking into” suing the doctor who prescribed the fertility drug that led to his
    four-game suspension. Tate said he used clomiphene, a banned substance under the
    league’s performance enhancing drug policy. The doctor who prescribed the
    medication told Tate it was not a banned substance.“In fact, he had given it to
    other NFL players, which I trusted it and kept living my life,” the Giants
    receiver said, via quotes distributed by the team. “I was out to dinner one
    night with a guy who works for me, and we were talking about another player who
    got suspended for something completely different. A light kind of just went off
    in my head, ‘Let me call the doctor and make sure just to make myself feel
    better.’ I asked him what the active ingredient was, and we looked it up right
    then and there and sure enough it was a banned substance.”Tate self-reported
    usage before the results of an April drug test came back, he said, and thus was
    hoping for leniency from the league. His
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    , however, was denied.“I have no problem accepting the
    punishment,” Tate said. “Ultimately, I’m responsible for what’s put in my body.
    The tough thing I’m dealing with is I’m letting down a lot of people: My family,
    the guys in the locker room, the organization that brought me here. That’s
    what’s been crushing me.”Tate will lose $1.2 million in salary during the
    four-game suspension and the $7.9 million he was contractually guaranteed for
    next season is void, according to multiple reports.Thus, Tate is considering
    legal action against the doctor.“We are kind of examining all of our options,”
    Tate said.