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  • 03 September 2019
    European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley has confirmed there will be widespread changes to the West Course at Wentworth in a bid to restore a world-class field to the BMW PGA Championship. [b]Samuel Umtiti Jersey[/b] . The layout and the condition of the course has come in for criticism in recent years, while difficulties in scheduling have also contributed to the likes of Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson and Sergio Garcia all opting to miss the event this week.But Pelley insisted the tournament remains a premium event on the European Tour schedule, and he denied reports that the event could be moved away from Wentworth in the near future. Many players have skipped the BMW PGA this week because they dont like the course At a press conference during the final round, Pelley said: Wentworth is majestic and has an aura about it that is simply astounding. And when you drive up and see the magical building, you quickly become inspired, so we have every intention to be at Wentworth for a long period of time. This is the home of the BMW PGA Championship.But we have to significantly improve the golf course, and that is a critical component to it. Ive talked to a number of players, and you all know that there are a number of players that arent here because they dont want to play this golf course. Rory McIlroy won the Irish Open last week, but he pulled out of the BMW PGA due to his packed schedule Im convinced, Im confident, what Reignwood (the Wentworth owners) has planned will bring this back to the Harry Colt design and the Harry Colt magic that once made this the place where players want to play. This is a premium event, and will always be a premium event. Our goal is to have a number of premium, world-class events, such as this. Were confident that in our plans over the coming months, were going to reveal such. What is important is that we have more premium events. Pelley feels an overhaul of the West Course will once again attract the top players Pelley also hinted that another tournament in Great Britain could be added to the schedule following the success of the return of the British Masters supported by Sky Sports at Woburn last autumn.The success last year of the British Masters certainly showed the appetite of the golfers and the fans in England, added Pelley. They are also incredibly knowledgeable, which is great. Having travelled across the world, its great to see what how the Irish fans, the Scottish fans and the English fans know the game and appreciate it. Pelley is also planning changes to the European Tour schedule So there could be room for another event. I will tell you that is something that we have discussed but we have no concrete plans at this place.Pelley also believes they will be significant changes to the schedule to ease the difficulties of travel for many Tour pros, while he is also determined to persuade more players to stay in Europe rather than join the PGA Tour with better venues and increased prize funds. The Wentworth showpiece remains a He said: The two areas that were focusing on is one, our schedule, not only the 2017 but the 2018 schedule. Our goal is really to make it have far more travel-ease on the players, as well as more playing opportunities for some of our lower-ranked members.Some of the Q-School and some of The Challenge Tour players, had a tough time playing early on in the season. It is something that has not gone unnoticed. It is very critical to us and we are working very feverishly in fixing this and creating additional tournaments, and we are confident that our 2017 schedule will be significantly stronger than 2016. At the same time, the other thing is obviously the migration of some of our top players to the US. That is another key component of our strategy going forward, is providing the best golf courses for our players to play on, the best golf experiences and to increase the prize funds. Also See: Rose hopeful for US Open The future of golf? Golf live on Sky Sports 4 Watch online [b]Rafinha Barcelona Jersey[/b] .“I always did my stuff ahead of the deadline. The best deal Ive ever done was the Darryl Sydor deal. We did that at the end of January in 04, and Syd was the missing piece. [b]Thomas Vermaelen Jersey[/b] . Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton and Kole Calhoun all homered to help the Los Angeles Angels get their first win of the season with an 11-1 rout of the Houston Astros.If you had two sets of data, one being a team’s shooting percentage, and the other being a team’s ability to generate shot-attempts, which set would be better in terms of predicting future 5-on-5 goal-scoring ability? At first blush, one may guess the former. After all, it gives us the percentage of shots on net that result in a goal. The latter set of data only tells us how frequently shots are generated, and tells us little – if anything – about a team’s goal-scoring ability. But, that’s not the case. Plenty of work has been done on this topic, particularly at even-strength. The answer is clear: shot-attempt metrics and puck possession proxies like Corsi are much more predictive than shooting percentage, primarily because shooting percentage is swamped by random variance. It’s important to note that this also holds true for special teams. While many hockey analysts appear to obsess over raw conversion rates, the same above principle – that shot generation is far more predictive of future success (or failure) than shooting percentage – is vital in forecasting future success. Why? Because shooting percentage, even in a power-play situation where scoring chances are aplenty, is not a very repeatable skill. It’s easy to illustrate this by simply grabbing a team’s shooting percentage over the first half of the season, and finding how well it correlates to the team’s shooting percentage over the second half of the season. Taken from the years 2007 through 2011: I included the coefficient of determination (0.01) – or percent of variance explained – to illustrate the randomness in shooting percentage. As you can see, a team’s 5-on-4 shooting percentage through the first 41 games of the season does nothing in terms of telling us how well it will convert on shots over the next 41 games. Shot-attempt generation, we know, is a repeatable 5-on-5 skill. Does the same hold true for 5-on-4? Let’s grab the CorsiFor/60 for the same teams in the above sample, and see if their first-half numbers and second-half numbers show similarity. The graph and coefficient of determination here are much more convincing. A team’s ability to generate (or not generate) shots through the first 41 games will likely carry over to the next 41 games, which means this particular measurement has predictive value – far more than, say, shooting percentage. More than anything else, I think this topic is timely. If you poll members and fans of the National Hockey League as to who the league’s deadliest power-play is right now, I think you’ll get a stunningly similar response in the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now, that’s a decent choice – they have a ton of talented forwards, they have exhibited ability to generate shot-attempts with frequency in every game-state, and they have puck-movers on the back-end who can whip the puck through the neutral zone with tempo. All of that iss fantastic However, the primary reason I think most would select the Pittsburgh Penguins right now is conveniently tied into the fact that they’ve converted on 31. [b]Denis Suarez Barcelona Jersey[/b]. .6% of their power-plays through a 17.54% shooting percentage, second-highest in the league. But, if we are trying to forecast future outcomes, we know to move away from shooting percentages and gravitate towards shot generation. How do the Pittsburgh Penguins look in that aspect of the game? Power Play CorsiFor/60 Rank Team CorsiFor/60 1. Washington Capitals 127.7 2. San Jose Sharks 114.3 3. Arizona Coyotes 113.9 4. Philadelphia Flyers 106.2 5. Chicago Blackhawks 104.2 6. Toronto Maple Leafs 102.5 7. Winnipeg Jets 102.3 8. Detroit Red Wings 101.5 9. Boston Bruins 100.9 10. Ottawa Senators 96.8 11. New York Rangers 95.2 12. Pittsburgh Penguins 95.1 In reality, what we have in Pittsburgh is a good power-play with elite scoring talent. I’m highly skeptical, however, that it’s going to be the best unit by the end of the season, because it still pales in comparison to the units established in Washington (currently 28.8% conversion rate; 2nd) and San Jose (currently a 23.8% conversion rate; 4th), both historically and through the first leg of 2014-2015. Washington’s power-play has been performance art for years, and if nothing else, these early season numbers show the kind of incredible ability they have at blitzing opposing penalty kill units. Their scheme starts with a series of well-designed neutral zone rushes, and almost always features the likes of Nicklas Backstrom and Marcus Johansson on the right-side of the ice, with Alex Ovechkin waiting in his one-time wheelhouse for cross-ice passes. Backstrom and Johansson generally engage in sequences of back-and-forth passing to draw the defense deeper towards their own crease, which sets up two other options away from the Ovechkin primary at the blueline. If the defense pays too much respect to Ovechkin, Mike Green, John Carlson, and Matt Niskanen hammer away from the point. And if the defense pays equitable respect to the point shot and Ovechkin, Backstrom and Johansson needle their way deeper into the box of the penalty kill. If teams are looking at ways to improve their power play through modelling the attacking styles around the league, they could do worse than Mike Johnston’s Pittsburgh Penguins. But, right now, the kings of 5-on-4 still reside in the D.C. area. And, the king of predictive utility for power-play performance is still embedded in shot attempts. ' ' '