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What do we do at Road to SHEQ? 

  • We answer SHERQ related questions
  • We help you turn problems into possible profits!
  • We help you turn obstacles into opportunities for Continual Improvement!

How do we do it?  We help you to;

  • Understand the context of your organisation
  • Understand the needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Understand the scope of your SHERQ / Business Management system
  • Create the required policies
  • Formalize organisational roles, responsibilities and authorities
  • With the consultation and participation of employees and contractors (as applicable)
  • Identify hazards & risks / aspects & impacts, and opportunities (analyse, evaluate and mitigate;  avoid, remove, change likelihood or consequence, share or shoulder the risks)
  • Determine legal and other requirements
  • Identify opportunities, objectives and targets
  • Formalize your internal & external communication 
  • Identify your support requirements; human resources, suppliers, IT, etc.
  • Create the required procedures, work instructions, checklists, forms etc.
  • Focus on operational planning and control, management of change and waste management (as applicable)
  • Focus on the security of your facility and/or transport of high value goods 
  • Emergency preparedness and response / Disaster Management & Recovery / Road Traffic crashes and other traffic incident investigation (as applicable)
  • With performance evaluation; monitoring, measurement, analysis, evaluation, internal audits & management review
  • With continual improvement; non-conformance management