Supplier Developement

Supplier Development in South Africa has become the single biggest item on the BBBEE scorecard and provides corporates with an opportunity to reclaim 3% of their net-profit after tax.

This should not be seen as a burden on corporates, but rather as an opportunity to strategically develop their supply chain. with its partner network provide a platform for large corporations to deal with their procurement needs and to mobilise corporate support for strategic supplier development and linkages to facilitate access to procurement & international markets. can help corporates optimise and consolidate their procurement spend to improve the company’s bottom line by:

  • consolidation of spend items within a specific spend category
  • negotiation of better deals/pricing
  • leveraging to optimise volumes offers:

  • strategic supply base development through strengthening the supply base with transaction-ready, diverse suppliers, that have had a thorough due diligence and audits done.
  • Supply Development & Capacity Building by developing an SD plan, selection process for participation, company diagnositics, Training & development, specific demand-driven interventions and monitoring & evaluation of process.
  • Supplier Diversity by prepare the organisation to implement a Supplier Diversity Model 


Enterprise Development Interventions and a Supply chains success depends on identifying and building Solid and Superior Performers. Historically there has been an inadequate focus on selecting Sound Companies within Enterprise Development programmes which has resulted in a large variety of companies entering ED programmes of organisations. Poor companies (ones that require too many interventions or are not suited to a CD) have been presented to corporates and ED interventions for either ED support or a Company Diagnostic. This poor selection has caused us to assist corporates and ED programmes in helping them in identifying Sound Companies for either their supply chains or ED programmes.
This programme is designed to support organisations quickly and effectively identify businesses that are most likely, given the right assistance, to succeed.
The programme quickly screen out poor businesses. Improving the quality of the companies in ED / company databases which will ensure such companies invest in businesses that are sustainable and capable of being incorporated into a company’s supply chain.


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