Improve Your Ads

With a Connexion.Zone profile, you can advertise your business, services, solutions, products or website with ease. Members are also able to advertise content previously posted on the site. With access to key members of your target market - and by aligning your marketing objectives with the relevant ad package - marketing efforts are more effective and affordable.

As more viewers “Rate” your ad, its performance will improve in social graphs. Depending on your budget, you can select whether to limit the availability of your ad to a number of clicks, views or days.

Here are our top tips for improving your ad performance:

Choosing the URL of your Ad:

Ensure that the URL your ad redirects to is relevant to the content of the ad. If not, your bounce-rate will increase, and the click will be wasted. If you’re advertising content already on, the URL will automatically link to the existing content.

Keep in mind that when a user is viewing your ad, they will not see the URL of your site. They will only be able to see the title, ad text, and image.

Choosing the Image of your Ad:

Images used must be visually appealing and tasteful. First impressions are everything – if the image isn’t striking it won’t entice action. The image must draw the viewer in and tempt them to click on the advert.

If you are advertising content already on, the existing image will automatically be used in the ad creative. This default image can be changed, as you require.

Choosing the Title of your Ad:

Titles must be catchy, short and to the point. After the image, the title is what will induce the viewer to continue reading. If the image is great, but the title loses their attention, you’ve lost an opportunity. In a concise but alluring way, convey your message and encourage the viewer to keep reading.

Choosing the Body / Description of your Ad:

You’ve got them – they liked the image and the title – don’t lose them now. Keep the language interesting and engaging. The description must promote something that relates to the image and the title. The key focus of the description is to get the viewer to click on the ad, redirecting them to the desired URL.

If your ad is for content already on, the description will automatically come from the existing content. You can edit this content as required.

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