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How can Video Walls be Used?

  • Alex Harris
    15 April 2019
    A video wall can be considered a bank of displays placed together to create a single large screen. [b]Video wall control[/b] can be used for artistic purposes but it can be effectively used for communications as well. These can be easily installed to regulate traffic or spaces in crowded areas. It can also be used to control different venues including stadiums, airports, universities, convention centers, and control rooms.

    The introduction of video wall technology created a wildfire because of the ease it provided. The technology can be seen everywhere whether it is a shopping mall, a stadium, or an airport. The only thing you need to know is to operate a [b]display wall controller[/b].

    So, how can you exactly use it?

    Consider this technology much like a standard display one but with extended applications. Single screen displays are useful for a lot of purposes but these are harder to manage as compared with video walls. Single screen units are also tight on budget. As the screens increase in size, eventually it becomes easier to manufacture because it is no longer cost-effective to stick to a single display option, which makes it economical to go with multiple display units. It also gets difficult to manage image pixels in a single display unit while with a multiple display unit you can expect higher screen resolution. It offers great clarity from even long distances. This is the very reason it is effectively installed in stadiums and concerts.

    Another benefit of this technology is the artistic features and versatility. Each display on the unit can be individually controlled which enables the user to display different images on a single screen at one time. Thus, you can easily benefit from this technology by installing it at your business premises as it attracts the attention of the customer effectively.

    iSEMC is one of the primer manufacturers of video walls. It produces LCD and LED video wall systems for you to install at your premises. The video walls offered by iSEMC are new generation image processing products which are based on multi-windows, ultra-high definition, and visual display control technology. The prime advantage of these video walls is that you can control them anywhere, anytime, with any device as well as 24*7 continuous operation with the help of redundant power supply. You can different series of video walls as per your need,

    1. GV series.

    2. BV series.

    3. BE series.

    4. Netpro series.

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