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Breitling Emergency II Black Co-Pilot

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    01 Aug
    2019 BASEL New Legends Salute "Breitling Navitimer REF.806 1959 Re Edition"

    Breitling's revolutionary chronograph can be worn on the wrist and was developed in 1952. Zenith PILOT TYPE 20 96.2430.693/21.C703,Anunitimer has become the mainstay supporting each cockpit. What caught the pilot's attention was a number of new features that were particularly impressive in aviation history, and these features were loaded on the chronograph. Supporting these features is an innovative rule that performs the various calculations required for flight. The new announcement of Breitling is Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re Edition. This is a tribute to the iconic design of the early Navitimer released 60 years ago.

    Proud Navitimer's legacy for future generations

    This new watch is the first edition of the reissue series. We will continue to announce new models in the future. Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re Edition is a chronograph that beautifully reproduces the Breitling Ref.806 design code. This is an early Navitimer with many famous characters, Breitling Ref. The dial is all black, the sub dial is in color, and the rotating bezel is beaded.

    Breitling Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re Edition is a model that directly inherits the most impressive traditions in watchmaking history. To commemorate the birth of this unique design, the limited edition 1959 limited edition has a serial number printed on the back of the case. Breitling best replica watch sale has inherited a rich tradition and we will continue to create a model to commemorate the important footprint of the brand.

    Breitling CEO George Khan is convinced that the new product will be a fan of passion. “Last year, we know that many people are always passionate about the tradition of Breitling, and we are not only interested in the new model, but also interested in the legacy and historical timepieces that should be left in the future. For the new Breitling fans and those who have been concerned For decades of branding, the Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re Edition has been part of our legendary history, which should be a great opportunity to enjoy peace."

    Developed in 1952, the Breitling Navitimer is not only one of Breitling's leading iconic models, but also one of the few truly legendary watch industries in the world. This classic model representing the twentieth century was created to meet the needs of the growing aviation business and the sky sports market. It has been more than 65 years since then, and even in the 21st century, the popularity of Navitimer has not decreased. At the time, the navigation timer was equipped with a rotation rule that could perform the important calculations necessary for flight, and was quickly used by pilots and was heavily used by the American Owner-Pilot Association AOPA. In the 1960s, jazz band owner Miles Davis and F1 champion Jim Clarke and other celebrities preferred this position.

    This timeless chronograph is at a glance and is the same fashion item as the original design.

    Breitling Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re-editing: Commitment to detail

    The 1959 re-release of [b]Breitling Navitimer[/b] Ref.806 reproduces the 1959 version of the Navitimer design in a meticulous manner. The dial is all black, the sub dial is in the same tone, and inspired by Inspire. Moreover, like the main function in the original 1959 Ref.806, the dial is engraved with the capitalized Breitling name and wing. This wing does not contain the AOPA logo. Wings without this AOPA logo are suitable for the European market. Models sold in the United States have the AOPA logo. This is a very unknown fact.

    The rotating bezel of the Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re Edition is decorated with 94 beads, just like the 1959 model. During the production of the original Navitimer Ref.806, the number of beads around the bezel varied. For example, there were 125 in the early 1950s, but only 93 in the model of the 1960s. This may look like a little detail. However, for historical watch lovers, this is an ineffective detail.

    The 40.9 mm stainless steel case is also made for the Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re-Edition. The shape and surface of the lug are the same as the original Ref. This watch is paired with a black vintage leather strap. In the tall, dome-shaped acrylic glass, you can see the famous rotating scale in the same shape as the original shape, which is known to all enthusiastic Navitimer fans.

    When it comes to making this product more modern, only waterproof and SuperLuminova® luminous coatings have improved by 3 bar. This is the latest phosphorescent coating, but the hue is especially important, so the atmosphere of the phosphorescent paint used in the watch was faithfully reproduced. Finally, manually setting the index, etc. will make the dial's retro charm and features more beautiful.

    This is a hand-rolled movement mounted on an early Navitimer.replica watches swiss, A new hand-wound movement has been developed to replace this original. This mechanical movement is a B09 movement independently developed by Breitling and is a COSC certified observatory based on the famous brand Calibre 01. The movement will continue to be exhibited in the re-editing of a hand-rolled movement with a long history.

    Navitimer Ref.806 1959 Re-Edition Navitimer REF.806 1959 Re
    :AB0910371B1X1 Case diameter: 40.90 mm
    Case thickness: 13.43 mm
    Case material: stainless steel
    Strap: hole black retro leather strap
    Waterproof: 3
    Ba movement: manual winding, chronograph, Cal.B09 (internal development and production of Breitling), power storage for about 70 hours, vibration of 28,800 (4 Hz) per hour
    Specifications: hour·minute·second display, COSC officially recognized observatory, dome-shaped acrylic glass, bi-directional rotating bezel with scale