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  • December 30, 2018
    导出博客文章Brisbane great Jonathan Brown believes the Lions must look for an experienced
    football person, not necessarily a former senior AFL coach, as they search for a
    replacement for Justin Leppitsch.Brisbane chairman Bob Sharpless and chief
    executive Greg Swann fronted a press conference on Monday to announce the boards
    decision to release Leppitsch from the final year of his contract after the
    Lions slumped to 17th with just three wins this season.My gut feel is that its
    probably an experienced coach or an experienced person, Brown said on Fox Footys
    On The Couch when asked what Brisbane needed in a coach.I dont think he
    necessarily has to have coached senior AFL football, weve seen guys like Don
    Pyke come in (and be successful) ... but hes going to have to be pretty
    resilient and thick-skinned.Former Carlton coach Brett Ratten, Adelaide list
    manager David Noble, Sydney assistant Stuart Dew and former Blues caretaker
    coach John Barker have all been touted as leading candidates.Brown also called
    for a seasoned football industry veteran to be placed in charge of a football
    department he branded dysfunctional.There is obviously a fair bit of distrust
    (at board level) and a fair bit of distrust in the football department as well,
    Brown said.So its a big operation (to fix) going forward.The football department
    has got problems there. Theyre not united, the playing group is not on board
    with some of the off-field staff, so it needs to be completely tidied up.It is
    dysfunctional, unfortunately, at the moment and that hurts me to say as an
    ex-player.While disappointed at the state of the Lions, Brown admitted he wasnt
    surprised to see the axe fall on his mate after three dismal seasons at the
    helm.I think he was in a bit of trouble ... he presented to the board last week
    and it was a positive presentation but he was coming from a long way back, he
    said.This has probably been in the works for the last few weeks. Leppitsch
    presented really well and I think he had the support of Leigh Matthews but ...
    the AFL recommendation was that they probably didnt want Leppa to continue in
    that job.Ultimately though it was the boards decision, which Leigh Matthews is a
    part of and unfortunately he got his marching orders one year early.
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    . -- The St. Johns IceCaps weathered a wild first period with the
    help of goaltender Jussi Olkinuora, before finding offensive inroads in the
    second. Cricket is a great sport to not watch.That sounds suspiciously like an
    insult but is far from it. Cricket is, of course, the greatest sport in the
    world to watch. In several ways, though, it is a sport that well suits the
    non-watching spectator - an oxymoronic rather than moronic term.Cricket is a
    game that by its very structure lends itself to reductive analysis: ball by
    ball, over by over, innings by innings. In the same way, however, that music
    relies as much on the rests as on the notes themselves, the intervals between
    deliveries are just as much a part of the game. Steven Smith bringing up a short
    leg for Mitchell Starc; Joe Root giggling at second slip; Steven Finn trudging
    back to his mark after another dropped catch: plenty happens in the gaps.The
    same applies to watching the game - its just as much about the time between
    deliveries. When attending a match in person, the pauses yield opportunities to
    relax, to argue with ones companion, to make new acquaintances and to revive old
    ones - literally, if they have dropped off in the Hove sunshine. Those
    determined to introduce the squalid note of business into proceedings may even
    engage in a spot of mild networking. The ultra-purist may well be able to sit
    and watch three sessions without exchanging a word with anyone else, eyes
    soaking up every nuance of the on-field drama, but that is not the only option
    available to the genuine enthusiast.The power of the game is such that even when
    there isnt actually any cricket going on, being at the cricket can be an
    experience in itself. At a Middlesex T20 at Lords last year, with nearby
    lightning preventing any play, a family member struck up a friendship with two
    other families seated nearby, leading to an impromptu tri-generation,
    tri-nationality knockabout in the upper tier of the Tavern Stand. One of the
    fathers later emailed to say that his young son was telling everyone that it was
    the best day ever at Lords, which was a mild worry to him, as no cricket had
    actually been seen.Even when the weather permits play, for many followers of the
    game in the UK, non-watching is, unfortunately, a state of affairs inflicted by
    the lack of free-to-air coverage. As cricket is used by Sky and BT as another
    chip to lure more users to their broadband services, those who will not, or
    indeed cannot, pay for the luxury are forced to the radio, to the web, or in
    extremis, to the newspaper - though the reduced print coverage these days makes
    the latter a harder task. It is therefore fortunate that cricket shines when it
    comes to radio commentary. Its surprising how even many non-lovers of cricket
    will nevertheless admit to having Test Match Special on for background noise.
    The venerable programmes pplace in cricket culture seems secure; nevertheless,
    having become an institution, it has come in for the criticism that
    organisations viewed as part of the establishment, rightly or wrongly, will
    attract.dddddddddddd. Listeners are less captive than before, as well, and can
    vote with their ears: on the other side of the boundary, online offerings such
    as White Line Wireless and Guerilla Cricket provide valuable alternatives. It is
    perhaps, however, the BBCs online county coverage that performs the most
    undersung service, gently lifting listeners all over the world to the Quantocks,
    the Yorkshire seaside, the South Downs, and beyond. The multihued variety of
    crickets audio commentary is surely something to cherish.Even when there is
    access to moving pictures, the pauses between deliveries, overs, innings, make
    cricket an ideal sport for multitasking - for instance, attending to some
    domestic chore, perhaps, if one needs to convey the impression of work to any
    suspicious family member who looks in. Matching socks is a good option. Ironing
    is a possibility, but a high-risk one, as being mesmerised by R Ashwins guile
    can fry your hand as well as your brain. Reading is safer; extensive testing has
    revealed that books that themselves reflect crickets structure of discrete items
    - compilations such as Martin Smiths Not in My Day and Charlie Connellys Elk
    Stopped Play - are particularly well-suited to this application.With a little
    practice you can soon learn to identify the cadences of the bowlers
    delivery-stride, back-foot leap coming within range of the bowlers-end stump
    microphone, glancing up to the screen with split-second precision. Eyes perform
    their trigger movement, ball is delivered, batsman plays, fielder gathers, and
    its back to your book. This way you can spend most of the day nominally watching
    cricket without any feelings of guilt. After all, the chances are that youll
    have spent most of the time not looking at the screen, which means, after
    rounding, that you havent been watching it at all.In a game that is so obsessed
    with statistics, and that is increasingly becoming preoccupied with the need for
    instant entertainment, there is a danger that we focus so much on the measurable
    on-field activities that we forget the game provides a basis for so much more.
    Its value cannot be quantified in only sixes and fours, dots and wickets. The
    game can pervade the atmosphere and background in a way that may only be fully
    appreciated when the eyes are taken, counter-intuitively, off the game.Cricket:
    not a bad sport to watch, but an even better one to not.
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