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  • March 12, 2019
    导出博客文章ST. LOUIS -- Dave Ryan and Matthew Sughrue each won two matches Wednesday at Old
    Warson to reach the U.S. Senior Amateur final.The 62-year-old Ryan, from
    Taylorsville, Illinois, beat Michael Dunsmore of Poughkeepsie, New York, 5 and 3
    in the quarterfinals and topped Tim Jackson of Germantown, Tennessee, 1 up in
    the semifinals.I dont know what to say. Im at a loss for words, Ryan said. To be
    honest with you, Im a little shocked. I was fortunate to beat him [Jackson] and
    Paul Simson [in the round of 16]. Those are two tough guys to take down.The
    57-year-old Sughrue, from Arlington, Virginia, edged Doug Hanzel of Savannah,
    Georgia, 1 up in the quarterfinals and rallied to beat Kevin Cahill of Waukesha,
    Wisconsin, in 19 holes in the semifinals.Against Jackson, Ryan won the 14th hole
    to take a 2-up lead, lost the 15th with a bogey and matched Jackson with a
    par-birdie-par finish -- holing a 9-footer on 18 -- to close out the match.It
    was uphill and I just had to hit it, Ryan said. Fortunately, it went in. Thats a
    tough hole.On Tuesday in the round of 16 against two-time champion Simson, Ryan
    had the third known hole-in-one on a par 4 in USGA history.Against Cahill,
    Sughrue lost the 15th and 16th holes to fall 1 down, won the 18th with a par and
    won the match on the 19th with another par. Sughrue also rallied against Hanzel,
    winning 15 and 16 to take the lead and matching Hanzel with pars on the last two
    holes.The Hanzel match was a real grinder. It was a tough match against a great
    player, Sughrue said. We didnt play as well in this one, but on the back nine,
    we both kind of steadied -- and coming down the stretch, its not stroke play,
    its a matter of who wins the match.Sughrue left the insurance business after 25
    years in 2008 to go to graduate school at Virginia Tech, and he is now a
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    . -- Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis was charged
    Thursday with driving while intoxicated, a day after he was suspended for an NFL
    substance-abuse policy violation.SILVERSTONE, England - As Formula One expands
    its reach into the United States, theres still a missing ingredient that could
    keep some fans away from the stands — an American driver on the grid. There
    hasnt been an American in Formula One since 2007 when Scott Speed drove for Toro
    Rosso. But the pressure is building for an American to make the jump now that
    the United States successfully hosted the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, last
    year and is set to hold second grand prix in New Jersey as soon as 2014. "It
    would be tremendous boost for Formula One to have an American driver," Mario
    Andretti, the Formula One champion in 1978, told The Associated Press. "It would
    not only be good for America but also Formula One. No question about it. The
    U.S. is a very powerful nation from the standpoint of the financial situation.
    Every company in Formula One now does business in the Unites States." Scores of
    Americans have given F1 a try but few have succeeded. Andretti was the last
    American to win a drivers championship title and before him it was Phil Hill in
    1961. More common were the likes of Andrettis son Michael, who raced 13 grand
    prix races for McLaren in 1993 with a third-place finish as his best result.
    Speed never scored a point in the two years he raced in F1. There was talk in
    2010 of creating an American team dubbed USF1 team with strong backing from
    YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and featuring Danica Patrick and possibly Speed
    as drivers. But USF1 struggled to attract sponsors amid the global recession and
    ran afoul of F1 when it didnt race in 2010. The dearth of drivers — there are
    only Americans Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly in all the F1 feeders — is blamed
    on the a mix of cultural and financial factors. Among the biggest challenges is
    raising the millions needed to fund a team from American corporations that may
    have doubts about the benefits of investing in a sport that is not a major
    attraction in the U.S. "Its extremely difficult for an American mostly because
    there is no American support from companies," said Speed, who now races in
    NASCAR and Global Rally Cross. "Why would an American company spend x amount of
    money in Formula One when they can get 10 times that exposure in America racing
    NASCAR? It makes zero sense financially." F1 drivers and executives said it also
    can be difficult for an American to make the transition to F1 since they are
    raised on tracks and a system that grooms them for IndyCar and NASCAR rather
    than serpentine circuits of Europe. There also isnt the kind of support system
    that European drivers can count on to provide mentoring and the occasional break
    as they attempt to rise through the ranks of the sport. "Formula One has flirted
    with North American for many years but Formula One hasnt been seen as the
    pinnacle of the sport in the eyes of youngster in North America. North America
    has evolved in a slightly different approach with things like NASCAR," said
    McLarens Martin Whitmarsh, who heads the F1 teams association. "North American
    doesnt have the karting program. Without exceeption, every single one of these
    (F1) drivers started at 8 or 9 in karting and went into competitive
    karting.dddddddddddd Karting became the launch pad for their careers." In the
    short term, Whitmarsh said prospective American drivers will have to go to
    Europe early on in their careers. But Andretti said the addition of two American
    races should help in the long-term — by inspiring more youngsters to take up the
    sport, providing the facilities needed to develop that talent and convincing
    American companies to step up their sponsorship. Rossi and Daly have beaten the
    odds partly because they are not your typical American drivers. Rossi is a
    reserve driver for Caterham and drives for them in the series GP2 which is a
    notch below F1. Daly drives in a lesser, GP3 series with ART Grand Prix. Both
    grew up on F1 — Rossi watching as a 6-year-old with his father — and Daly
    benefiting from the stories a father, Derek, who raced in F1 from 1978 to 1982.
    They also raced in Europe at a young age which Whitmarsh and others recommend.
    Rossi moved to Italy at 16 to pursue his F1 dream while the 21-year-old Daly
    first raced as a 16-year-old in Europe before moving there in 2011. The duo also
    have the belief they will make it to F1 — emboldened by the success they have
    had so far. Daly won a race in Barcelona last year and again this year in
    Valencia and sits fifth in the GP3 standings. Rossi joined Caterham in 2011 as a
    test driver and was named a reserve driver this year. He then replaced Chinese
    reserve driver Ma Qing Hua in GP2 after the opening race in Malaysia and placed
    third place in Bahrain. "When we were able to come over here and win races and
    qualify on pole, it justified that we can do it too. That is what has been
    encouraging," Daly said. "Rossi has been great so far and he has done an awesome
    job and he has kind of gotten there with Caterham already," he said. "Its not
    just one American we want in F1. Its as many as we can get. Right now, its just
    us two that at least have made it into Formula One cars and are kind of getting
    there." The two also understand the significance of becoming the next American
    on the grid. They have already witnessed a few flag-waving Americans at European
    races and the kind of support that comes across Twitter and Facebook when they
    win races. Doing that in Austin or New Jersey, they said, would be special. "It
    would mean everything not only to be an American on the grid but to be an
    American on the grid as Formula One starts to rebuild an audience in America,"
    Rossi said. "The timing would be amazing." Noting the buzz he saw for Brit Lewis
    Hamilton at the British GP and Spaniard Fernando Alonso at the Spanish GP, Daly
    said an American race needs a homegrown driver. "In America, we have a race. Any
    drivers? No. Was there a good crowd? Absolutely, its a great venue Austin and
    the track is incredible. But in reality, who do Americans have to cheer for?" he
    said. "Its like the Olympics. When you watch the Olympics, you want to see
    Americans do well." ' ' '