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It helps her keep inflammation

  • March 21, 2019
    导出博客文章NEWARK, Del. -- Elena Delle Donne had dreamed of playing basketball in the
    Olympics since she was little.Shell get her chance next week as a member of the
    U.S. womens team. Before heading to Rio, Delle Donne got an opportunity to
    celebrate at home in Delaware with a lot of the fans who have been watching her
    play since she was in eighth grade.She scored 10 points to help the U.S. beat
    France 84-62 in an exhibition game at the University of Delaware on Wednesday
    night.It was by far the most emotional game I played at [Delaware], said Delle
    Donne, who helped Delaware reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament her senior
    year. Seeing faces that had watched me here since eighth grade and have been on
    the entire journey with me and now see me in a USA jersey. Its been my dream my
    entire life. Its so special to come out and share it with them. This is a really
    special night. There have been a lot of special nights on this court. This is
    the biggest night. Its a dream come true for me and the fans as well.A loud,
    spirited crowd gave her quite the ovation when she was announced before the
    start of the game. They cheered for her and the rest of the U.S. team the rest
    of the game.Thats amazing what happened today, Diana Taurasi said. Thats really
    awesome to see the fans come out and support her and us. Shes obviously done so
    much for the state. That was really nice for us to get a reception like that for
    our team. Its rare that we play in America were usually across the pond. That
    was cool, getting the USA chants from the whole crowd, that felt really good.
    That hasnt happened a lot in my 14 years with the national team.The game was a
    rematch of the 2012 London Olympics gold-medal game, which the Americans won
    86-50. This time the U.S. took a half to get going, which wasnt a total
    surprise, because the Americans have had little training since getting together
    for the first time as a full team Saturday in Los Angeles.They played Monday
    night against a U.S. select team, winning by four, before flying across country
    for this three-game exhibition series. Frances core has been together for months
    qualifying for the Rio Olympics in a last-chance tournament in June.The U.S. led
    by only one at the half, but Charles and Moore spearheaded a 9-2 spurt to start
    the third quarter to create some space. The Americans extended the lead to 63-46
    after three quarters.France couldnt get within 15 the rest of the way.Marine
    Johannes scored 13 points to lead France.Tina Charles scored 17 points and Maya
    Moore added 13 to lead the Americans.With the U.S. leading 12-9 early on, Delle
    Donne made a hustle play on the defensive end, sprinted down the court and was
    rewarded with an open 3-pointer much to the delight of the fans.The U.S.
    extended the lead to six, but France wouldnt capitulate, taking a brief 31-30
    advantage late in the first half. The Americans led 32-31 at the break.The
    Americans will face Canada on Friday in Bridgeport, Connecticut. France will
    play Australia in the second game of this exhibition series. All four teams will
    conclude play at Madison Square Garden in New York on Sunday.From there the U.S.
    will head to Houston to meet up with the mens basketball Olympic team before
    both head to Rio together. The women open Olympic play on Sunday, Aug. 7,
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    eligible to become a free agent Feb. 15. Cote helped running back Jon Cornish
    run for a league-high 1,813 rushing yards en route to being named the leagues
    most outstanding player. Maggie Crawford was deep in the Wyoming wilderness in
    the spring of 2013, leading a trip with the National Outdoors Leadership School
    (NOLS), when she started forgetting peoples names.She was sick to her stomach
    and somehow also hungry -- hoarding food, eating anything anyone left out but
    still losing drastic amounts of weight. Finally, she had to admit something was
    wrong. She used the emergency satellite phone to call headquarters. Then she
    hiked 20 miles to meet up with the refueling truck to begin the long trip back
    home to California.For Crawford, 28, it was also the start of a whole new life
    -- she just didnt know it yet. I definitely had diabetes then, but I had no
    idea, she says.Until that moment, Crawford had always taken advantage of her
    good health. She and her now-husband, Timbo Stillinger, spent a year bumming
    around New Zealand after college, chasing adventure and sleeping in tents. Then
    they moved back to the U.S. and lived in a decked-out van, hiking, skiing and
    climbing every day. They surfed and ran ultramarathons. In the fall of 2012,
    Crawford was training to break the womens record for summiting all of
    Californias 14ers -- peaks over 14,000 feet. She planned to climb all 15
    mountains in only five days.But she got sick partway through the attempt, could
    barely crawl out of her sleeping bag, and bailed on the record. She assumed she
    just had giardia (a parasite) and, as soon as she could, she headed right back
    out to join that fateful NOLS trip. Instead of feeling like her normal self,
    though, she spent months being sick.After she self-evacuated from Wyoming, got a
    ride with the refueling truck, and made her way back to Santa Barbara, it took
    only one visit to the doctor to get a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.After the
    fact, looking back, it was a lot more obvious. There were all these things,
    small chronic issues, we were wondering about that then made sense, Stillinger
    says.Type 1 diabetes meant Crawfords pancreas had stopped producing insulin.
    This can be caused by a combination of genetics and her bodys own immune system
    reacting to harmful viruses or bacteria. Crawfords diabetes probably was
    triggered by the bacteria she picked up during her 14ers record attempt, but it
    also runs in her family. Her cousin, a professional cyclist, was diagnosed just
    before she was.Diabetics arent able to process the sugar they eat; they cant
    turn it from glucose in the bloodstream into energy. That means they have to
    give themselves insulin shots and must carefully manage their diet and stress
    levels, which can also increase blood glucose.They kind of just sent me home
    with insulin and needles. It was terrifying, Crawford says. Equally terrifying
    was that this seemed to mean the end to all of her adventures. Type 1 diabetes
    doesnt go away, and she didnt want to spend the rest of her life without
    climbing another mountain or surfing another wave. Instead, she set about trying
    to figure out how to be healthy and happy.She just kind of took the initiative
    from day one, developed a plan, and stuck with it. Its been pretty impressive to
    watch, Stillinger says.Fortunately for Crawford, she knew where to start. As an
    undergrad at UC Berkeley, she studied nutrition and worked in a lab doing
    diabetes research. She called up her old boss, and soon she was connected to a
    whole world of Type 1 diabetics who still ride their biikes across mountains and
    surf every morning, who still do more stuff than most people who dont have it,
    Stillinger says.dddddddddddd They helped her figure out what works and what
    definitely doesnt.First up: a little stability.I thought, All right, we probably
    shouldnt live in a van anymore, she jokes, if for no other reason than her
    medicine needed to stay cold and its hard to keep things cold while living in a
    van. But the diagnosis also helped her come to terms with the idea of creating
    permanence and sustainability in her life.In the year after her diagnosis, she
    and Stillinger became engaged. He started grad school, and she started a job
    working in public health. She then got accepted into a PhD program at UC San
    Diego, where she now works with mostly Type 2 diabetics on health behaviors --
    hoping to make sure no one has to go through the same uncertain time she went
    through after her diagnosis. The two of them moved into a house outside San
    Diego and adopted a dog, whom Crawford then trained to detect -- with his nose
    -- when Crawfords blood sugar is high.But the pair didnt get too domestic.
    Crawfords next step was figuring out what adventures still made sense, and that
    meant finding a way to manage her diabetes.She now eats a vegan, gluten-free and
    generally low-fat diet. It helps her keep inflammation down and makes her body
    more sensitive to the insulin she takes. But it took some trial and error to
    learn what kinds of foods keep her blood sugar fairly steady. Apples, for
    example, though tasty, vegan and gluten-free, dont work well for her.And it took
    some experimenting to figure out how to do what she still wanted to do. When she
    goes into the mountains, theres no way to get medical help if her blood sugar
    gets too low, so her doctors told her to keep her blood sugar a little high
    during long trips. When she runs ultramarathons, her blood sugar will be
    elevated for a week after. Learning these things was part of a process.She also
    has learned not to push her body past the point of safety. Instead of extreme
    events, the couple has started doing shorter trips, which are easier to manage,
    but with harder and more intense efforts mixed in. She probably wont go for the
    14ers record again, but she is testing herself with new challenging
    climbs.Crawford runs each morning to help manage her insulin levels, and when
    she rides her bike to the beach to surf, all the lifeguards know its her because
    of the bananas she leaves sitting in the sand and the gel she has taped inside
    her wetsuit.Having a community that knows and supports her, and that she also
    gives back to, has been a valuable part of her post-diabetic life. When she
    wears her continuous blood glucose monitor -- a recent development that has
    revolutionized her ability to manage things while climbing or running or biking
    -- other diabetics will see it and come talk to her. She regularly talks with
    new diabetics and gives them advice or tips to navigate the same process she
    went through after diagnosis.It has not slowed her down at all. If anything, its
    lit the fire even brighter to do more things, Stillinger says. Its a burden for
    sure, but I think our lives are better now. Theyre healthier and more fulfilled.
    And not any less fun. ' ' '