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  • 24 April 2019

    7 New Camera Technology Trends that will shape the digital photography world

    Hi! Welcome to what’s what. This video, we talk about the New Technology in Cameras that will change the world of digital photography. New Cameras are coming up with revolutionary trends and extraordinary tech features from clicking amazing pictures at an ISO of 4 million to the ultra compact cameras. Cameras have already added some degree of AI by adding auto exposure and auto focus systems to the inbuilt components for long. We’re likely to see truly smart cameras that now recognize entire scenes and automatically adjust shooting to click the perfectly exposed shots. In the future of the new cameras, unlimited battery life will be the New Technologies. Auto tagging feature in the digital photography world is much anticipated. Just by clicking pictures in a camera, you will be able to watch them automatically uploaded to your favorite social medium of choice and auto tagging the people in it. Constant Connectivity in the digital photography world will entirely change the present scene by directly uploading it to the cloud and easy access from there on. Photo Tagging. Qualcomm is already working on SCENEDETECT, the software which can determine the location and all the elements of picture. The future good cameras will incorporate the technology of Smell/Scent-graphy which is a unique technology where the cameras of future may add sense of smell to photographs. The digital photography world will soon meet interesting and a powerful Technology Trends that's in the language of what’s what is- 7 Camera trends that will shape the future.