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  • 07 May
    导出博客文章LAS VEGAS -- Chicago Bulls?coach Fred Hoiberg still cant speak publicly about
    the acquisition of Dwyane Wade since it hasnt become official, but
    Hoiberg?admits he and his staff have started watching film to see how new point
    guard Rajon Rondo will fit around All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler and Wade, the
    former Heat star.As a staff, were in the process of watching a lot of film,
    going back to how certain teams played when certain players were on the floor,
    Hoiberg said before the Bulls first summer league game. I played on a team in
    Minnesota with Kevin Garnett, Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell. You had three
    guys who could go get you a bucket at any time. Depending on what the matchup
    was, thats who we went to. It worked. It was a little shaky at first. I think we
    were .500 after 20 games. But once we figured out, we really took off. The thing
    Im really excited with our team next year is the amount of playmakers were going
    to have. Thats what the offense is all about, having guys who can get in the
    paint and spray it out. We still will try to get as much shooting on the floor
    as we can. But Im excited about this team.Specifically, Hoiberg seems excited to
    coach the enigmatic Rondo. Hoiberg said he and Rondo watched film together
    during the point guards visit to Chicago and affirmed he is looking forward to
    working with the point guard.Im really excited about Rajon, said Hoiberg, who is
    entering his second year as the Bulls coach. Hes a guy who can get into the
    paint and make plays. Obviously, being a guy who led the league in assists last
    year, averaging almost 12 and 12. What Im excited about is how smart and
    cerebral a player he is, how he can survey the floor and make the right read
    coming down. The more playmakers you have and the more guys who can get into the
    paint, the better off you are.The Bulls surprised many around the league with
    the additions of Rondo and Wade, but Hoiberg and the Bulls front office are at
    least outwardly confident that the pair will work together alongside Butler.
    Along with the front office, though, Hoiberg didnt want to publicly commit to
    Butler as the leader of the team when given the opportunity.Its a team sport,
    Hoiberg said. Were not talking golf or tennis here. Weve got to have five
    players on the floor out there meshing together. Jimmys one of the top players
    in the world right now, and I know hes excited about the moves that we made this
    offseason. Hes excited to get out there. He has a great opportunity in front of
    him these next couple months with Team USA, and hes excited to get to Chicago
    after that and get to work with his teammates. So yeah, its a team game.After
    the Bulls dealt Derrick Rose to the Knicks before the NBA draft, Bulls GM Gar
    Forman said his team needed to get younger and more athletic. Two weeks later
    Forman and the Bulls stunned many around the league by adding the two
    high-priced veterans. When he was hired last season, Hoiberg was sold as an
    offensive innovator who would get the ball moving up and down the floor. By
    adding Rondo and Wade, the Bulls added two of the worst 3-pointing shooting
    guards in the league. Still, Hoiberg is hopeful that he will find a way to make
    it all work.I think thats what coaching is all about, is to figure out what the
    best system is based on the talent of your players, Hoiberg said. When I was in
    college, I had a lot of fifth-year transfer kids and guys who were in there for
    one year. The big thing we tried to do is make the style fit the personnel. I
    played a different style pretty much every year I was there, at least the first
    three. Its about molding your system and philosophy to whos going to be on the
    floor and hopefully play unselfishly. Its still predicated on ball movement. And
    again, if you have multiple playmakers, that helps everybody.
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    said in an interview from his Winnipeg eatery. CHICAGO -- The Milwaukee Bucks
    stood together in a show of unity during the national anthem before Mondays
    preseason opener against the Chicago Bulls. The Bucks stood in a line, with each
    man putting his left arm around the man next to him. Some players and coaches
    kept their right hands on their hearts as the anthem played.Bucks head coach
    Jason Kidd made it clear before the game that his team was not protesting, in
    the wake of recent events centered around opposition to police brutality and
    shootings across the country. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick
    started the most recent trend last month, when he decided to sit during the
    national anthem. He has been kneeling during the anthem the past few weeks.Its
    not a protest, Kidd said. Were not protesting. Were showing unity. Theres not a
    protest.Kidd said that after some of the protests across the country, he wanted
    his team to make a decision together.We discussed it, he said. And I think there
    was a lot of discussion throughout the week ... guys have come up with a
    solution of what they want to do for the national anthem. So Im very proud of
    them being able to come together and make a decision and do it as a team. That
    just shows a lot of growth for our young players.Kidd, speaking before the game,
    seemed pleased with his teams outcome.I think theyve covered every base, and I
    think its just showing awareness, Kidd said. I think its for [the team] to
    discuss and talk about because I think its reallly nice of them and special that
    they came together as a unit and be unified.dddddddddddd. It just shows our
    growth for a young team.No Bulls players or staff members did anything out of
    their routine during the anthem. Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg noted that he
    would respect whatever decision his team made.I respect our players in whatever
    decision they make, Hoiberg said before the game. Im not sure what will happen
    with our group, but I do certainly respect their right to express themselves. As
    far as what were going to do, were going to go out there. As far as my beliefs,
    I believe in standing respectfully and honoring the national anthem, but I
    certainly do respect our players and the right to express themselves.Kidd
    believes the protests have gotten so much attention due in part to the fact that
    the NBA and other professional sports leagues have more media attention than
    ever before.There wasnt enough of you guys, Kidd said. There was only two of you
    [reporters]. Now theres millions. So thats the biggest change. Our media
    platform is a lot bigger than Dr. Js and Larry Birds and Magics. They only had
    to talk to one [reporter]. But the way the media is and the platform the NBA
    has, I think its great that there [are] voices that come from the young men and
    older guys too. To show that they do care about more than just basketball. ' ' '