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  • 16 May 2019
    CARMEL, Ind. -- One way for Tiger Woods to temper expectations as he makes his return to competitive golf is to lower his own.And that typically has not worked too well.Woods might rather share a day on his yacht with Sergio Garcia than admit he would show up to a golf tournament with anything less than winning on his mind.But considering the two back surgeries he underwent last fall (and three overall), the year he spent without competitive golf, and the issues that were apparent in his game before he shut it down in 2015 ... all of that tends to build up a big heap of perspective.And Woods seemed to show that Wednesday when he announced that he hopes to return next month at the Safeway Open in Napa, California, as well as participate in the Turkish Airlines Open in November and the Hero World Challenge in December.My rehabilitation is to the point where Im comfortable making plans, but I still have work to do, Woods said in a statement. Whether I can play depends on my continued progress and recovery. My hope is to have my game ready to go.Woods hedged, which is unlike him. He let the world know he plans to come back at those tournaments, but with conditions. If hes not yet ready to go, he wont. And the fact that he has acknowledged that he still has work to do is a good sign.Unlike just about any other player in golf, Woods cannot return in peace. He cant show up and hope to just play tournament golf, work his way around, get comfortable again. There are no minor-league rehab starts in golf, no closed-door scrimmages.There are not any tournaments, period, where Woods could go to hone his skills without every shot, every hole, every round being documented.I dont think you guys [in the media] allow for expectations to be lowered, said Mark Steinberg, Woods agent. Regardless of what he shoots or how he plays, itll be analyzed in every way.Steinberg is correct. Undoubtedly, every shot Woods hits in Napa will be noted. Even if he were to return in Turkey, the media would show up and television would show every swing. Its simply the world Woods lives in, the one he all but created with his excellence.But Woods cant worry about any of that. Saying hes looking to build back his game, stroke by stroke, tournament by tournament is the only way to execute this return.Its not going to be a straight pathway to success, said Woods longtime friend and Golf Channel analyst Notah Begay. I mean, lets be honest.The fact that he hopes to play a European Tour event as well as his own World Challenge is also a good sign. The latter event doesnt have a 36-hole cut, so it provides an opportunity to play more rounds. It gives him one tournament a month with plenty of time to rest, recover, reassess.And if Woods is healthy -- still a big concern -- and able to practice and prepare properly, then playing tournaments is the logical next step in the process of becoming competitive again.People are going to expect him to go out at Napa and play well and its going to take time, said Rory McIlroy at the BMW Championship. Its a process, and sometimes you have to take the bigger picture and take the longer view of things, and thats what Tiger started to do with his injury. And Im sure hes sort of thinking, Play at Napa, but the long-term goal is if he can get himself ready for the Masters next year, then thats where he wants to be.That sounds like a reasonable goal, but even that might be asking too much. Woods needs to first start putting rounds together. He then needs to make cuts, turn 73s into 69s, perhaps even start contending. How long will that take? Depending on his back, his swing, his short game ... the possible answers are wide-ranging.And then there is the other element that Woods brings to a tournament. I think I missed the buzz he creates, McIlroy said. He brings an aura and an atmosphere that no one else in golf can bring. I missed that part of it, for sure.All of that, of course, creates pressure, which not even Woods is immune to. And it is another situation he will need to control.Jason Day has sought advice from Woods over the past year or so and they communicate frequently. Although Day didnt know Woods was coming back before anyone else did, he wasnt surprised.Their conversations suggested that Woods was getting closer.I think the hardest thing for him is just to try and get the rust out and really get back to game-ready sharpness, which is obviously a difficult thing to do, Day said. Although were expecting big things from him, I dont expect too much from him, even though he is Tiger Woods.Its hard to say that, because hes been out of the game for a while. Even though hes one of the greatest of all time, its very difficult to kind of get that sharpness back.The players know that. And deep down, Woods knows that, too. Its just never been part of his makeup to approach tournament golf that way. Perhaps that is why hes won 79 PGA Tour events, 14 major titles and more than $100 million in prize money. His approach has served him well.Hes the one who knows what his body has gone through and to get back to the point of playing competitively, Steinberg said. As a group, we have big-picture talks, of course we do. But hell have his own expectations. And you kind of have to go with that.The hope is that Tiger manages those expectations -- just as everyone else should. Yeezy 350 Ireland . 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The Lightning are 2-0 so far on a four-game road trip, giving the club five straight wins as the guest and improving Tampas away record this season to 11-8-2. Rebecca Rusch doesnt have a lot of time to make food while shes hanging upside down from the side of a cliff or mountain biking through the night. The 48-year-old has won the 24-hour mountain bike world championships three times and the famous Leadville 100 mountain bike race four times. Dubbed The Queen of Pain, shes a former whitewater rafting and orienteering national champion, and a cross-country skiing Masters world champion.Needless to say, food thats easy to make and easy to eat is key to keeping her going. Recipes that have fewer than 10 ingredients, with simple prep, are essential, says Rusch.But its also important to Rusch that her meals do more than just fuel her. It needs to feed your body and feed your soul, she adds. Here she shares a soul-feeding meal she learned to love while on one of her many adventures.Day and time: After a long ride or workout, and sometimes for breakfast or even lunch!Place: At home in Ketchum, IdahoWhat Im eating: Congee (a savory rice porridge). It is hard to find in the U.S., so its either make it at home or seek it out when Im traveling back to Southeast Asia.Whose recipe: I discovered this dish in 2015 during my monthlong ride down the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. I fell in love with the place and the food. Congee is served up usually for breakfast and during the cold season. There are many variations, but the basic foundation is rice and chicken broth. Its a comfort food that Ive grown to love and now make at home.Why Im eating it: Its easy to cook and makes the house smell great while its bubbling away. Plus, the ingredients list iis short.dddddddddddd It also keeps really well and makes great leftovers, so I usually make a big pot and serve it hot for dinner, then eat the leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day.The recipe: Ingredients: 6 cups water 4 cups chicken broth 1 1/2 lbs. bone-in chicken legs or thighs 1 cup long grain rice 2-inch piece of fresh ginger 2 teaspoons kosher salt pepper to tasteGarnishes: Feel free to get creative with your garnishes. These are some of my favorites:Fresh cilantro Sliced scallions Diced hot peppers Hard-boiled egg Bragg liquid amino acid Roasted peanutsPrepare and chop the ingredients. Remove the skin from the chicken and trim excess fat. Slice the ginger into pieces, leaving the skin on. Hard-boil an egg if you want to add that as a garnish on top.Place everything, except the cilantro and other garnishes, in a large heavy-bottomed saucepan or Dutch oven and bring to a boil over a medium-high heat.Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium low and cook at a lively simmer, stirring occasionally, until the rice has completely broken down and the mixture is creamy. This takes about one hour.Turn off the heat. Remove the chicken from the pot and place on a cutting board. When its cool enough to handle, shred the chicken into bite-sized pieces, discarding the cartilage and bones.Return the shredded chicken to the pot. Stir to combine, taste and season with additional salt and pepper as needed. Ladle into bowls and top with cilantro, scallions and other garnishes. ' ' '