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  • 17 May
    导出博客文章As the NFLs salary cap increases, veteran players are becoming expensive to lock
    up or sign in free agency. This makes finding contributors in the draft and
    undrafted free-agent market extra important.While it is always preferable to be
    good than to be merely young or old, we have once again ranked all 32 teams by
    talent under the age of 25. Last years U25 rankings had the Cowboys at No. 1 and
    the Seahawks at 32. Sure, Dallas talent did not translate to wins after its
    35-year-old quarterback was injured, but that is why we wanted to create a
    ranking that balanced opportunity with performance and potential.To see our
    exact methodology, check out the bottom of the article.Here are our rankings for
    this season. All ages are as of Sept. 8, 2016. Read through the full file 1-32,
    or jump to your favorite team using the quick links below.ARI | ATL | BAL | BUF
    | CAR | CHI | CIN | CLE | DAL | DEN | DET | GB | HOU | IND | JAC | KC | LA | MIA
    | MIN | NE | NO | NYG | NYJ | OAK | PHI | PIT | SD | SF | SEA | TB | TEN | WAS1.
    JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS2015 ranking: 9Jacksonvilles offense made fantasy owners
    happy last year, but what really drove us to rank this team No. 1 were the
    additions on defense. How often do you add arguably the best defender in the
    draft two years in a row, as well as another top-five talent? This is so much
    about potential with a serious risk of injury, but getting defensive end Dante
    Fowler Jr., cornerback Jalen Ramsey and linebacker Myles Jack on the field
    together should make Jacksonville worth watching again. Aaron Colvin is also a
    solid cornerback who was rarely tested last year despite playing over 1,000
    snaps.Then you go back to that offense, starting with the line. It should be
    noted that Luke Joeckel has not lived up to his draft status yet, and probably
    will never, but right guard A.J. Cann had a solid season, ranking eighth in
    snaps per blown block.Then there are the skill players. Despite the 35 touchdown
    passes, Blake Bortles was hardly efficient, ranking 25th in DVOA. He makes a lot
    of mistakes, and he smashed an NFL record with 13 of those touchdown passes
    coming in the second half of losses when trailing by multiple scores -- serious
    garbage-time-hero stuff. But the positive plays still make you believe in
    Bortles long-term potential as long as he (and the rest of the team) keeps
    improving.Wide receivers Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns were excellent last year
    in helping Bortles look good. They can make tough catches and make defenders
    miss after the catch. If Marqise Lee or Rashad Greene have anything else to add,
    then thats just more firepower for this offense. T.J. Yeldon did not find the
    end zone much as a rookie, and the team signed Chris Ivory, but Yeldon is still
    likely to be a big factor this year.You should probably chill on the playoff
    talk in 2016 for Jacksonville, but some excellent drafting from 2014 to 2016 is
    the biggest reason for increased optimism.
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    Oakland Raiders running back Rashad Jennings was speaking to a group of local
    high school students earlier this week when the conversation turned to the
    importance of being prepared when opportunities in life arise.
    . The Barrie Colts defenceman, who impressed many with his play for Canada at
    the World Junior Hockey Championship, is the top-ranked skater in the February
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    . This should be celebrated because it will not always be this
    way. With the amount of money given to players by their clubs these days, it is
    a wonder that so many of those teams allow the sport to continue to take away
    many of their assets so they can play for a different team in the middle of
    their season. Super Smash Bros. has a lot of variability. As an arena fighter,
    movement options are nearly infinite, and the slightest degrees in angle can
    influence direction. Smash Bros. players have been relegated to using a GameCube
    controller for the past 15 years, and unlike most game controllers, the gate
    around the thumb stick is octagonal, not circular. This allows players to
    accurately hit up, down, left and right, but also top-right, bottom-left, etc.
    Not only that, there are other angles that players can hit, such as the space
    between top and top-right. It gives Smash Bros a free-form and improvisational
    feel, as if almost any movement were possible.But there is a downside to this
    near-limitless movement option. The game is largely controlled by just your two
    thumbs, and as the game has continued to grow in speed and complexity, it has
    evolved to require absurd levels of precision. This is especially true for the
    second game in the series, Super Smash Bros. Melee. As competitive matches can
    have players hitting six inputs per second, accidental slipping of the thumb
    stick can mean a win or loss.To get a better understanding, imagine trying to
    draw a six-sided star, one-second at a time, perfectly in succession for 10
    seconds. Your hand will have to deal with the friction of the paper, the dulling
    of the pencil, the tiring of your wrist. Unless your hand is absolutely steady
    and perfect, not every star will look the same. And thats the kind of dilemma
    competitive Smash Bros. players find themselves in.Not only that, but finding
    good-quality controllers is starting to become a problem. Most players agree
    that the best controllers were made in the early 2000s. As Smash Bros. has
    grown, these controllers have become far more scarce and sought-after.Thats not
    to say that the GameCube controller is the only option for Smash players, but it
    is the preferred one by far. The latest iteration, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U,
    allows use of the Wii remote and nunchuck as well as the Wii U pro controller,
    which is closer to the controller found on the Xbox. But because of the GameCube
    controllers analogue buttons and octagonal gate, it has stayed.Thats where the
    Smash Box comes in. It breaks down Smash Bros. to only button presses, making
    movements as binary as possible and removing a controllers inconsistencies. To
    understand the philosophy behind the Smash Box, reached out to Hit Boxs
    Dustin Huffer to get some insight.Our goal is to evolve competitive gaming
    hardware for Smash and any other hard-core esport, one genre at a time, said
    Huffer. Its exactly like having hockey gear for hockey players and baseball gear
    for baseball players. Each game has its own challenges and needs that separate
    itself from other games.The current Smash Bros. metagame has evolved far past
    what the controllers were originally intended for. Some players will claw their
    controllers to allow the index finger to work in tandem with the thumb to move
    more precisely. Others will rest the joint of the thumb between two buttons to
    quickly pivot between presses. The lack of controller diversity has served as
    both a physical learning barrier preventing newcomers from joining in as well as
    putting a cap on many players competitive lifespan with carpal tunnel and other
    RSIs [repetitive stress injuries], said Huffer.Clearly, the most radical
    omission from the Smash Box is any sort of stick. Movement has been scaled back
    to just four buttons, kind of like the arrow keys on a keyboard. We ditched
    stick for accuracy, speed, and ergonomics said Huffer. Smash execution is all
    about surgical analog precision at ridiculous rates of speed. Watching a Melee
    players hands will baffle you at the gymnastics they perform.There are some
    added benefits as well. Dividing whats normally done with just one thumb across
    the entire hand gives unparalleled control over the game at high rates of APM
    [actions per minute], all while reducing hand strain, said Huffer.Dr. Caitlin
    McGee, a physical therapist, corroborated these claims: One of the biggest
    sources of repetitive stress injuries in Smash is the thumb motion required both
    for motion and for action inputs. This is significantly decreased with a more
    keyboard-style input system.Flattening out a GameCube controller to allow all
    fingers access to buttons would definitely decrease stress. Another common
    isssue with traditional controllers is compression on the pinky side of the
    wrist when holding the controller while the wrists are in ulnar deviation, she
    said.ddddddddddddRotating the forearm into pronation decreases this risk as
    well.But having a flat, keyboard style input system isnt without its downside.
    McGee said there are ergonomic issues related to the carpal tunnel/Guyons canal,
    wrist extensors and general postural concerns, but overall it should be less
    stressful than a GameCube controller.Even if the Smash Box turns out to be a
    competitive Smash controller, there are still legal concerns. Bassem Bear
    Dahdouh, a tournament organizer for Panda Global, explained: For a local
    tournament, I think it would be fine. I think its interesting to see how people
    will like it before considering it legal for events. But for a larger-scale
    tournament, third-party controllers for Smash Bros. tournaments need a bit of a
    testing phase to ensure there wont be any complications that could potentially
    delay a tournament.Theres also the matter of Nintendo, the makers of Super Smash
    Bros. The company has been notoriously protective of its intellectual property
    and has been known to shut down fan projects in the past. Chris Gallizzi,
    Hyperkins head of design and product development, has a bit of experience making
    third-party peripherals for Nintendo hardware. Because the Smash Box will be
    wired, it will not require wireless protocol access from Nintendo, which is a
    major burden lifted. Gallizzi also explained that there are enough third-party
    solutions out there to the point where no licensing is necessary with
    Nintendo.The Smash Box has been in development for the past two years, and in
    that time, top players have been able to get their hands on it.The Smash Box is
    surprisingly intuitive in a lot of ways. The button layout itself isnt too
    difficult to get used to, said Twitchs Kristopher Toph Aldenderfer, a top player
    and commentator. The trickiest thing has been acclimating to using the different
    tilt buttons in conjunction with each other to get, for example, perfect wave
    dashes or precise Firefox angles.What Toph refers to are advanced techniques,
    requiring multiple successive button presses that manipulate the games physics
    to allow for faster movements. It isnt second nature at all, but learning
    techniques in a modular manner, i.e., thinking of the perfect wave dash as a
    single unit, rather than thinking about each individual button press, helps a
    lot, Toph said.Its definitely unique, said Team Liquids Juan Hungrybox DeBiedma,
    a professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player and recent Evolution 2016
    champion. Hungrybox said the learning curve is very steep but it theoretically
    could make someone the most technical player of all time. But Hungrybox said it
    may be better-suited for Street Fighter V, while Toph offered that itd take a
    few months of serious play for a pro to feel confident using it at a
    tournament.With a game as old as Melee, top players still jest that theres still
    a lot more to discover. In both Smash Wii U and Melee, we may start seeing
    matches more akin to tool-assisted super-play (TAS). TAS are demonstration
    videos in which the creator, using a game emulator on a computer, goes
    frame-by-frame to record a perfect match. Hit Box may have made it viable to
    create TAS videos for Smash, changing the metagame in the process. Characters
    that were thought to not have been viable in the meta might now be, if played at
    TAS levels of precision.As of now, its uncertain whether the Smash Box will even
    make a ripple in the Smash community, let alone change the metagame. And of
    course, it takes skill, and not just a new controller, to start making upsets.I
    think its too much of a risk, said Hungrybox.Toph said that top players wouldnt
    immediately make the switch. Itll probably take a newcomer making waves with the
    Smash Box before pros look at seriously switching, he said.The Smash Box brings
    a lot of potential, but with it a lot of uncertainties. Once the Kickstarter
    launches, it will be interesting to see if the community backs it. Regardless of
    its ambitions or concerns, one thing is certain: The community will continue to
    push Super Smash Bros. beyond anyones imagination. ' ' '