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Which of these players do

  • May 18, 2019
    you think should round out the back
    end of Minnesota’s rotation?"The Twins probably have three starting pitchers
    written in ink before spring training even starts. Jose Berrios title=
    Kyle Gibson, and Jake Odorizzi will likely fill the first three spots in some
    order. Michael Pineda has the inside track for the fourth spot, depending on his
    recovery from various injuries. That leaves just one likely opening for the
    remaining starter options — and boy do the Twins have options.Reportedly the
    Twins view recently-signed Martin Perez as a starter candidate. He joins a group
    of prospects in the competition for that last spot. Stephen Gonsalves, Fernando
    Romero, Adalberto Mejia, Kohl Stewart, Zack Littell, and probably a few other
    guys will all likely pitch innings for the Twins this season. With that many
    players in the mix, someone is going to have to shine early and oftendown in
    Florida to stake his claim on the fifth spot in the rotation.Gonsalves and
    Romero are the highest rated prospects of the group, and both got a taste of the
    major leagues last season. Gonsalves pitched to a two and two record in seven
    appearances, and racked up 24.2 innings with a 6.57 ERA. FIP suggests he was a
    little better, but still not the savior the Twins need. Romero got a little more
    experience, with a three and three record in eleven games, and just under 56
    innings pitched. Both his ERA and FIP were hovering around the mid-four range.
    This includes a couple of lights-out performances during his first call-up in
    May, as well as some solid starts later in the season. I would expect either of
    them to need a fantastic performance this spring to break camp with the Twins,
    but neither are far from the majors.Kohl Stewart is perhaps a more interesting
    case. Stewart was a highly-touted prospect href="">Nelson
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    , but slid down the rankings as he struggled in the
    minors. Still, he pitched well after being promoted to Triple-A last season, and
    even better when called up to the Twins. Across 36 innings, he put up a 3.68 ERA
    facing MLB hitters. At 23 years old, he doesn’t have a lot left to prove in the
    minors, but also may be the victim of a roster crunch. Littell is the wildest
    card of the bunch. He was acquired from the Yankees in the Jamie Garcia trade a
    couple years ago, and pitched well in the minors. He started a couple games last
    season for the Twins, but chiefly used as a “primary” pitcher that came on after
    an opener. His ERA wasn’t great, but if he can strike out a few more and walk a
    few less, that will change drastically. He’s likely near the end of the line in
    this group, but could be called up at any time as well.Of the returning Twins,
    Adalberto Mejia has the most MLB experience. He was the return from the Giants
    for Eduardo Nunez, and started 21 games in 2017, working to a 4.50 ERA. He was a
    perfectly serviceable fifth starter that season, but was nothing spectacular,
    and the Twins went with other options in 2018 title="Carlos Ruiz Jersey"
    Ruiz Jersey
    , limiting Mejia to 22 MLB innings across five games.
    Still, if the Twins want a left-handed option in the rotation, he is probably
    one of their best choices at this time.The other left-handed option is newcomer
    Martin Perez. Due to the fact Perez was signed on an MLB deal, I suspect he is
    the leader going into spring training, but his deal is just one year and one
    million dollars, so he could be cut if others outperform him. The seven-year
    veteran has pitched to a total ERA of 4.63 in 761 innings with the Rangers, his
    only previous team. He’s been a ten-game winner three times, and collected 13
    “W’s” in his best season. 2018 was his worst campaign, so the Twins are likely
    hoping he can bounce back. He was once a promising pitcher, with a Rookie of the
    Month award on his shelf from August of 2013, and Rookie of the Year votes
    garnered that season, and is only 27 years old, so the Twins may have some
    backing to that belief.Of course all of this may be moot. With the frequency of
    early season off-days and weather incidents — especially with a heavy home
    schedule — the Twins may just start the season with four starters, and an extra
    man on the bench. If they do go with five though, it will be an interesting
    competition. Still trying to recover from the Matt Harvey signing, the baseball
    world is quiet."We are coming up on DIY Links title=
    as family is coming to town and I am moving into full Christmas Mode. We
    shouldn’t miss much, as the entire country is still trying to recover from the
    Matt Harvey signing and hasn’t the energy for a next major event.Do yourself a
    favor and warm yourself over these Last-Minute-HaloLinks:A Little Bit Of Angels
    NewsLet FanGraphs dive deep into what Matt Harvey used to be, and what he
    is..........There was a day when Matt Harvey was supposed to be one of the
    anchors in the megatron 2018-2019 Free Agent class. But, baseball
    happens............Beware Rhys Hopkins..........Everywhere In BaseballIt turns
    out that the story from yesterday about the Marlins ex-president mocking the
    taxpayers of Miami as being losers was merely a birthday skit. I am certain that
    makes the taxpayers feel a LOT better, being the butt of a joke about their
    being victimized, instead of just being the the victim............The Addison
    Russell details are disturbing. Not the best look for the Cubs.........The
    modern gambit of The Opener might end up having a real impact on player
    compensation. Something for the MLBPA to think about..........Uh, hang on a
    second. You mean to tell me that money is going to be moving from one party, to
    another party? Yes, please, Uncle Sam will be a part of that..........Meanwhile,
    sports media is jumping into sports betting with both feet, a torso, and half an
    arm. (meaning, they will keep just enough above water so that they can shame you
    for your evil gambling habits.).........I’ll follow up on my snark from
    yesterday. The Cubs made a nice upgrade for themselves. For a couple million
    more, they upgraded their utility position from Tommy LaStella to Daniel
    Descalso AND snagged LHP prospect Conor Lillis-White...........If you are gonna
    suck, you might as well try to be fun to watch. This appears to be the Kansas
    City Royals approach..........MLB is opening up a direct pipeline into Cuba. It
    requires government approval title=
    which is a main reason why this was not possible a decade or two ago, when it
    was really needed.TheRinger agrees with me. Ignoring CTE, Kyler Murray is
    probably better off financially jumping into the NFL. With his luck, he will get
    drafted by the Raiders.........The Cubs are making strides in their effort to
    launch their own RSN. This is getting confusing, and I don’t even live in
    Chicago.............Hot StoveTroy Tulowitzki did his thing in Long Beach and 11
    teams showed up to watch. The Giants led all with the largest contingent, but
    Billy Eppler was there with his clan...........The good news: we have yet to
    trade away any prospect of cosmic significance..........The Duffle BagTony Gwynn
    stat, and how the game has changed. For the worst, I regret............We got
    our wish. The Mariners will be playing in a Mobile Park...........Job
    postings: software dev in the Giants’ analytics department, and an R&D slot
    with Driveline, which has the best applicant profile I ever read: “...the best
    candidates to come through...have a varied and colorful history with a portfolio
    of failed, half-completed, and blocked sports projects of all types.
    Self-starters, initiative-takers, and those with a healthy skepticism of
    authority...”..........Beast Mode advocating for a new stadium in
    Oakland..........Holiday Cheer..........