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  • 28 May 2019
    This is one of our random and yet not so random (since they
    appear nearly every evening) live threads. Everyone
    is ,
    as always, welcome to discuss any subject that you wish on the live threads, but
    please, in doing so, continue to adhere to the rules of the site. Also as per
    rules Womens
    Vincent Taylor Jersey
    , the discussion of, alluding to or references to
    politics or religion are prohibited because we like it better when everyone gets
    along. Please keep the conversation as close to PG-13 as possible. The PG rule
    also extends to the posting pictures and gifs. Any nudity (this includes photo’s
    with see-through clothing) or anything else of an offensive nature is strictly
    prohibited and the posting of such may result in a warning. Additionally, please
    keep your pic’s and GIF’s to a reasonable number and a reasonable size as to not
    slow down the load time of the thread too much. Please use the preview button
    before posting ANY photos to make sure that they do not show up as a huge item
    that will also slow down the load time for certain site members. The Dolphins
    are seeking trademark protection for the use of “Miami Miracle” or any variation
    of the phrase, including MIAMIRACLE.The Dolphins filed paperwork Friday with the
    U.S. Patent and Trademark office to own the phrase commercially, Josh
    Gerben Bobby McCain
    , a sports business lawyer in Washington, D.C., tweeted, via
    Florida Football Insiders. It would allow the team exclusivity in merchandising,
    among other things.The phrase “Miami Miracle” quickly caught fire on social
    media after Kenyan Drake scored on the final play in Week 14 to stun the
    Patriots. The 69-yard touchdown included two laterals.The Dolphins’ filing is
    not unusual in sports.Former Lakers coach Pat Riley owns the rights to
    “Three-peat Jakeem
    Grant Jersey
    ,” prohibiting anyone from using that phrase or variations of
    it commercially.The Seahawks reached an agreement with Texas A&M in 2006
    after the college took legal action against the NFL franchise for its use of
    12th Man, which A&M federally trademarked in 1990. The sides reached a new
    licensing agreement in 2016, limiting the Seahawks’ use to “12” or “12s.”In
    September, Dolphins rookie defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick created an uproar
    when he filed to trademark “Fitzmagic” after quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s
    early season success in Tampa Bay.: The original version of the story listed
    Josh Gerben as being based in South Florida. He is based in Washington,