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  • June 4, 2019
    Could he find a place with the Vikings?"WhiteFanposts
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    Grades: Let us know what you think about the selection of Dillon
    MitchellNew Kyle Rudolph
    ,4commentsCould he find a place with the
    Vikings?CDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Draft Grades: Let us know what you think
    about the selection of Dillon MitchellCasey Sapio-USA TODAY SportsWith the
    second of their four seventh-round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Minnesota
    Vikings took a wide receiver that might be able to find a place on this
    roster.The Vikings selected Oregon wide receiver Dillon Mitchell with Pick #239
    overall. Our friends at Addicted to Quack, SB Nation’s site for everything
    relating to Oregon athletics (and, possibly the best name in the whole SB Nation
    network) had this to say about Mitchell.Mitchell declared early for the draft
    after a junior year that saw him score 12 touchdowns. Who knows what the Vikings
    will be able to do with him at this point? We’ll get to find out.So, sound off
    on what you think of the Vikings’ selection of Dillon Mitchell, folks. Let us
    know! Total dominance by the offensive line, and an epic comeback to change the
    top spot"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Vikings 2018 SeasonVikings 2019
    OffseasonU.S. Bank StadiumMinnesota Vikings PodcastsNFL Draft2019 Minnesota
    Vikings Mock Draft Database2019 Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database, Final
    VersionNew,15commentsTotal dominance by the offensive
    line Irv Smith
    Minnesota Vikings Jerseys
    , and an epic comeback to change the top
    spotCDTShareTweetShareShare2019 Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database, Final
    VersionChuck Cook-USA TODAY SportsWell, the final version of this year’s Mock
    Draft Database is coming at you late, owing largely to yours truly having to
    work over the weekend, but now Draft Weekend is officially upon us, and this
    version is just about as fresh as it gets.Of the 100 mocks that make up our
    final Mock Draft Database for this year, 98 of them have publishing dates on
    them of one week ago or less. The two that don’t come from a couple of guys
    named Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, and I thought they deserved inclusion. But the
    other 98 are no older than 17 April, so this is just about as fresh a look as
    we’re going to get.Before we break down all of the
    selections Minnesota
    Vikings Jerseys 2019
    , here is the final listing of the 100 mocks that
    make up the final installment of your Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database.2019
    Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database, Final VersionSiteNameDateRound 1
    (18)Round 2 (50)Round 3 (81)SiteNameDateRound 1 (18)Round 2 (50)Round 3 (81)To
    finish things off, the offensive linemen just obliterated the rest of the
    positional groups, more so than in any other installment of our Database thus
    far. Of the 100 mock drafts we’ve pulled together to make up our Database, a
    whopping 94 of them have the Vikings taking an offensive lineman with the 18th
    overall pick. I’m relatively certain that is, by far, the biggest share of the
    “donut” that one position group has ever amassed in the time we’ve been doing
    this.The dominance of the offensive linemen in this final Database isn’t that
    much of a surprise. What is a surprise is the name that’s at the top of the
    list.Throughout this process, Oklahoma offensive lineman Cody Ford has stood
    atop the heap of offensive linemen as the top choice for the Vikings, and in
    most of those weeks he had double (or nearly double) the selections of the
    next-highest player on the list. In this final
    Database Irv Smith
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    , however, Ford dropped from the top of the mountain into
    second place.The most mocked player to the Vikings in our final Database is none
    other than North Carolina State center Garrett Bradbury, who emerges in this
    update with 33% of the selections. I’m sure this has quite a bit to do with the
    recency of these drafts, but there’s no denying that Bradbury to the Vikings is
    gaining some pretty serious momentum. Ford did manage to hang on to second
    place, picking up 26% of the vote in our final Database.Washington State tackle
    Andre Dillard finished in the third spot with 10% of the picks, while Alabama
    tackle Jonah Williams and Boston College guard Chris Lindstrom were tied just
    behind him witn 9% of the picks each.Kansas State guard Dalton Risner and
    Mississippi tackle Greg Little each hung on with 3% of the selections to remain
    in our final Database update, while Florida tackle Jawaan Taylor slipped in with
    1%. The two other offensive linemen that were in our Database last week. .
    .Kaleb McGary of Washington and Erik McCoy of Texas A&M. . .are both gone
    this week.So, as you’ve no doubt figured, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room
    for non-offensive
    linemen Irv Smith
    Jersey Womens
    , as only six selections went to other positions. The only
    other player to garner multiple selections in this final update was Clemson
    defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, who appears twice.Four other players each
    got one selection this week. They were Mississippi State defensive tackle
    Jeffrey Simmons, Michigan linebacker Devin Bush, Iowa tight end Noah Fant, and
    Louisiana State cornerback Greedy Williams. Simmons is actually a re-appearance
    this week after dropping out of the Database last week. Along with McGary and
    McCoy, Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson and Washington cornerback stayed from start
    to finish, some popped in during the process, and some even disappeared and
    reappeared again. Only 13 of those 22 players made it into the final update.With
    that, we’re done with the Mock Draft Database for
    2019 Irv Smith white
    , but we’ll most certainly be back with it next season. . .you
    know, provided that Rick Spielman doesn’t do something insane like trade next
    year’s first rounder or something.We hope you’ve enjoyed the 2019 Minnesota
    Vikings Mock Draft Database, and we’ll have to see if the Vikings go the
    direction that most of the mocks think they’re going to go, or if they’ll do
    what they did last year and buck the trend. We’re less than 24 hours from
    finding out!