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While Braden Smith’s game

  • 05 June 2019
    stood out the most against the

    Dolphins Al Woods Color Rush
    , there were numerous key blocks and penalties called involving
    other players. The final Colts Film Room for the Week 12 game against Miami will
    analyze these plays. If you missed it, we already spent time focusing on Smith’s
    struggles. Zach Hicks also broke down center Evan Boehm’s performance and
    offered a season-long perspective on second-year corner Quincy Wilson.Let’s see
    who else stood out.No player has had a greater impact on the improvement of the
    Colts offensive line since Week 5 than starting left tackle Anthony Castonzo
    (#74). Indianapolis did not give up a sack for five weeks after he returned to
    the lineup and the ground game started to pick up considerably. These facts
    don’t mean that Castonzo will be perfect on every snap. This is the first
    would-be sack of Andrew Luck that was called off due to a defensive penalty. Let
    me be clear, had this remained a sack, it would not be all on Castonzo. Luck
    holds the ball way too long here. Even Quenton Nelson (#56) is holding on for
    dear life by the time Luck goes down.However, it is entirely fair to point out
    that Castonzo lost the edge on this block. Robert Quinn (#94) is able to turn
    the corner too soon and it leaves Castonzo desperately reaching to knock him off
    track. It has been some time since Luck has taken a shot like this one.We will
    call this play The Great Escape颅鈩? This sealed the game and is an example of the
    type of play that few NFL quarterbacks are able to make. Luck’s ability to feel
    pressure and the strength and athleticism to avoid it and maintain his balance
    after contact is incredible. If he goes down here, the Colts are forced to punt
    and the game is not decided until overtime.There were two losses by the
    offensive line. Castonzo fails to seal Andre Branch (#50). He gets far too much
    penetration and is dangerously close to a sack, or a possible strip sack. This
    is a match-up between an offensive tackle and a linebacker, and Castonzo needs
    to anchor better. Branch gets up into his collar bones and controls the
    engagement.Mark Glowinski (#64) also fails to block Akeem Spence (#93). Spence
    is running a slant, crossing the face of the center and attempting to go through
    the B gap outside of Glowinski. Center Evan Boehm (#67) passes Spence outside
    but Glowsinki fails to seal. Spence is already parallel with him and crossing
    the line of scrimmage by the time he attempts to recover.The pending convergence
    of Spence and Branch are what forces Luck to escape. Pressure from both sides,
    no escape route to the outside, and pressure coming into a quarterback’s face is
    almost always check mate. Castonzo and Glowinski are lucky and their charming
    quarterback is something special.One of the primary areas that received a
    considerable boost after Castonzo returned from injury is the running game. This
    play could have gone for huge yardage. Unfortunately, Castonzo failed to
    maintain his block on Quinn, who rips out of the block and tackles Marlon Mack
    (#25) shortly after he cross the line of scrimmage. If Castonzo holds his block.
    Boehm’s second-level block and Jack Doyle’s (#84) seal on Kiko Alonso (#47)
    would have given Mack a whole lot of green to work with.Speaking of Jack Doyle,
    if you want to know why it will hurt to lose his contributions on offense, look
    at this play. I’ve already noted that Doyle is the best blocking tight end on
    the team. He is more effective sealing on run plays and chipping before he goes
    out into his route than any other player on the roster.Here, Doyle chips down on
    Branch and releases to seal the outside lane for Mack. He finds Rakwon McMillan
    (#52) ,
    initiates the block, and runs him 8 yards downfield. If Boehm is able to get a
    better block on Spence in the middle of the field, Mack has an inside cut-back
    lane and might still be running.One of the most challenging areas for young NFL
    running backs is pass protection. There are numerous reasons. Some want to avoid
    extra contact, given that they play an already brutally physical position. Some
    don’t understand who to block or how to identify pressure pre-snap to be very
    effective. Some make contact but are simply ineffective.Indianapolis has three
    running backs on the roster with less than two full years of experience. Only
    Jordan Wilkins has any meaningful size, as it relates to taking or delivering a
    blow as a blocker. One of the biggest concerns for feature rusher Marlon Mack
    last season was his weakness as a blocker, particularly compared to Frank
    Gore.This is an example of Mack making some progress. His first step is to
    release to his right but he keeps his eyes on the defense and quickly recognizes
    the blitz. He takes a hard step and generates a lot of speed in a short space to
    deny the blitz and give Luck a clean pocket.This is Quenton’s Nelson’s first
    holding call. The play is supposed to go to the right but Boehm is unable to
    kick the defender out of the rushing lane. Mack is left to improvise and bounces
    back to find some running room. There isn’t any to be found. Branch is waiting
    to clean up the play as Castonzo had released to the second level to look for
    defenders to block downfield. Nelson displays an incredible first step and
    athleticism to seal inside. Davon Godchaux (#56) drives him back into the
    traffic and forces him to stand up. For all intents and purposes. both players
    are out of the play at this point. Godchaux has his back to Mack and has no idea
    he is there until he is smoked in the side as Mack dives forward for yards.The
    reason Nelson drew the penalty is because his left hand is on Godchaux’s
    shoulder pad.It is unlikely that this play turns out any different if Nelson’s
    hand is inside the shoulder pad but that is what draws the call.This hold may
    have been called for similar reasons. Nelson squares up Sylvester Williams
    (#98). Once Williams notices the play is going outside, after he started to
    commit inside, he reaches out to make a play. Reaching means you surrender your
    base. When you surrender your base against Quenton Nelson, you drink tea.Note
    that Nelson’s right hand is outside of Williams’ shoulder pad. this is the
    logical explanation for the holding call. However, we slow down the play
    considerably to highlight the movement of Nelson’s right hand. He can’t be
    holding with that hand when the hand is free to move up and down in the frame.
    What makes the call more frustrating is that the flag is thrown from the side
    judge who is about 15 yards away off-screen to the right. He is looking through
    Marlon Mack as he runs by and determines that because Williams is on the ground,
    Nelson must have held him.Speaking of drinking tea, Nelson serves up a
    particularly strong batch on this play. He quickly establishes outside leverage
    to seal Robert Quinn inside. Nyheim Hines (#21) is releasing outside to create
    yards in space on this play.Once Nelson gains the advantage, he presses it. For
    good measure, he presses it some more. He wants to let Quinn know who Daddy is,
    in case he had forgotten. It is hard not to love seeing an offensive lineman do
    this kind of thing. Particularly if he is on your team.I bet Andrew Luck sleeps
    well at night. 19-1327-2330-2722-1441-1727-1035-3330-2434-2638-10In case you’re
    wondering, the 10 pairs of numbers above are the final scores of every Luck-led
    Colts game against the Titans.The Colts open up as a 3-point favorite on the
    road in Nashville Sunday night.I’m not going to pull any punches
    here Malik Hooker
    , so I’ll just start by saying there’s no team I’d want to see less
    if I were a Tennessee Titan or Titans fan than a Luck-led Colts team given the
    history between the two franchises, and especially not with a trip to the
    Playoffs on the line in primetime on Sunday night.At some point, though, you’ve
    got to get that monkey off your back if you’re the Titans, right? Not this week.
    Not this season. Probably not as long as Luck is under center if we’re being
    serious about it and if I may be frank, as long as Marcus Mariota is wearing
    baby blue and navy — “That ain’t it”, as they say.At the least, Titans QB Marcus
    Mariota is battling a stinger and it’s up in the air as to whether or not he’ll
    play on Sunday night. Marcus also left during the Colts game earlier this season
    and failed to finish last week’s game. Additionally, it appears Titans LBs Brian
    Orakpo and Sharif Finch will also be game time decisions. The Colts come into
    the game with the 7th ranked offense in the NFL, while the Titans are 27th in
    the league in total offense. The Colts are ranked 13th in total defense while
    the Titans are ranked 2nd in the league in total defense. Tendency tell us that
    teams with offense and defense ranked in the top half of the league tend to beat
    unbalanced teams.Add to the fact that Mariota said he felt numb and tingly down
    his entire arm after a hit in last week’s game, prompting an early exit with a
    stinger and as a result, a Blaine Gabbert sighting, and things are coming up
    roses for the Horseshoe. This does not bode well for the Tennessee offense.
    Colts fans shudder at the memory of Gabbert’s 80-yard touchdown pass to Cecil
    Shorts during his Jacksonville days. This week, Darius Leonard should be
    salivating at the opportunity to play against Gabbert again, who threw an
    interception to him in garbage time earlier this year when the Titans came to
    Indianapolis.The Titans are coming in to this week having won their last four
    games and notably didn’t turn the ball over on offense in either of the last two
    games and the Titans defense came through with a pair of turnovers in each
    contest. If you watch my videos or read my other work, frequently I bring up
    that doing just that (maintaining possession of the football on offense and
    being opportunistic on defense) wins football games. RB Derrick Henry has turned
    into a world-beater and up until Marcus Mariota left the game last week with an
    injury Quincy Wilson
    Color Rush Jersey
    , it appeared as though this Sunday would be a highly
    competitive football game with postseason potential for the winning team.Bear in
    mind, though, that those four Titan wins in a row came against the Jets,
    Jaguars, Giants and Redskins. These are not exactly the most complete teams in
    the league. In fact, the average ranking of these four offenses is 25th. Talking
    up the Titan defense’s recent performances is a lot like when a boxer takes on a
    tomato. Sure, they won, but are you surprised or impressed? No? Well,
    then.Meanwhile, the Colts have turned into streak-enders as of late, stopping
    the Texans 9-game winning streak and then followed that up by beating the
    Cowboys (then on a 5-game win streak) and then came back to beat a beleaguered
    Giants team (who had gone 4-2 over a 6-game stretch prior to that contest).
    There’s the notion that the Colts are the youngest team in the league if you
    take Vinny out of the equation and sure, the Titans will beat the Colts
    eventually anyway, right?There’s a dimension in the Multiverse where the Colts
    lose this game (you know, like the Jacksonville game earlier this year), and
    yes, the Titan defense is very good.
    Also Skai Moore Color Rush
    , Tennessee playing great defense is totally predictable because
    Mike Vrabel, a former Pro Bowl linebacker, is the head coach. Ravens fans know
    that yes, defense can get you to the championship, but you win games by scoring
    points on offense, something Tennessee isn’t very good at.Just like many games
    prior to this one, the impetus is on the Colts to stop the Titan run game on
    defense and turn what should be good field position into points on offense. I
    expect a chippy, tightly-played and probably poorly-officiated contest, but
    barring nightmarish and unforeseen events, this Luck-led Colts team should come
    out victorious on Sunday night.Then we can talk about bonus football. Until
    then, just like Frank, Andrew & Co. have said all year long, it’s all about
    going 1-0 this week.