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  • 12 June 2019
    导出博客文章Mitchell Marshs hotly-debated LBW on the final day of the Perth Test was
    correctly tracked from its initial point of impact on the allrounders front toe,
    the custodians of EagleEye have confirmed.The decision, which was reversed from
    Aleem Dars initial verdict of not out due to the widening of the zone in which
    the stumps can be projected to hit by the ICC earlier this year, was openly
    questioned by a succession of television commentators and also Australias
    captain, Steven Smith, who said it was like Kagiso Rabada was bowling
    leg-spin.The former captain Michael Clarke stated on Channel Nines cricket
    coverage that he was certain the ball was going down the leg side. I was certain
    that was missing the stumps, Clarke said. When you look at that replay, I
    thought it was definitely swinging too far and missing the leg stump.Hell be
    really disappointed with that. It has clipped his toe, then clipped his pad, and
    then got onto the bat. But what I dont agree with is the line of the delivery
    once the ball hits him on the toe ... I believe the line of that delivery is
    going down and missing leg stump.Similar sentiments were echoed by Clarkes
    predecessor Ricky Ponting, while another former captain in Mark Taylor - until
    recently a member of the ICC cricket committee that has long advocated the use
    of the DRS and ball-tracking - offered his own criticism of the
    projection.However Ian Taylor, head of the New Zealand company Animation
    Research that provides EagleEye for Nines broadcast, told ESPNcricinfo that the
    tracking used for Marshs dismissal had been reviewed and not found to be in
    error, either in terms of the projection reached or the process used to get
    there.I talked to my guys [in Perth] and we talked to the ICC and showed the
    process we went through, and were happy with it, Taylor said. They had a really
    good pitching point off the pitch, and a really good contact point on the shoe,
    it wasnt on the pad. They felt confident they could extrapolate from those two
    points to make the prediction.They have the choice there of saying they think
    there was insufficient data, but they saw it really clearly and it didnt
    continue out on that line [down leg], it hit the foot right in front of middle
    stump. We saw the impact on the toe before anyone else did, and we saw the
    impact on the toe with our four cameras, and our guys confirmed it with the
    HotSpot guys sitting with them. Thats where the projection was made, the line
    from the bounce to the foot, to the stumps.Taylor offered an open invitation to
    any sceptical commentators, officials or even umpires to visit the technology
    operators and see things for themselves - not unlike the process by which the
    BCCI recently approved the use of ball-tracking as part of the DRS, a system to
    be used in the just-begun Test series between India and England.What surprises
    me is so many people can make a call straight away with just seeing the replay
    from the end-on view, when were going through four super slo-mo cameras and
    HotSpot, Taylor said. That was the process they went through. I fully respect
    the guys who spent their whole careers out in the middle, its an instinct they
    have and that umpires have.We definitely dont dismiss that and we take very
    seriously the views of those people. Our doors were open to all of the
    commentators to come down at lunchtime - we had people wait there because we
    thought someone might. Weve also re-affirmed to the ICC and all the umpires as
    well that the door is always open, come on down and talk it through so we all
    learn from it.Technology operators have advocated for some time that either the
    third umpire or an ICC-accredited official sit alongside those working HotSpot,
    EagleEye/HawkEye or other devices to provide clearer lines of accountability.The
    issue for us is if we did this properly with a third umpire who was trained and
    there [with the technology operators], he could have made the call that my guys
    made, he said. Thats what we talk about - heres all the information weve got,
    and you make a call whether you want us to project this on or not, because youre
    an umpire.The argument we have about a third umpire or ICC-accredited person who
    sits with our guys, the third umpire sitting up in the box does not know whats
    going on down in our room. Whos talking, what were seeing, what were looking at,
    what were replaying and what our thought process is. Weve always argued if we
    had a fully qualified person from the ICC sitting in that room with everybody,
    we would go with that. Cheap Custom
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    . The Canadian squad, skipped by Jennifer Jones of Winnipeg, got on
    the board first with two in the second end, and followed that with two more
    apiece in the fourth and sixth ends. GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Seimone Augustus grew
    up in Louisiana, not far from where Alton Sterling was shot this month. She
    knows that could have easily been someone she knew.I lived three or four blocks
    from where the incident happened. Its always in the back of my mind that it
    could have been a relative, a friend, a teammate a high school classmate, she
    said.Shes sad to see what has happened to her hometown where relations have
    broken down. Three police officers were shot and killed a few weeks ago.I have
    relatives in law enforcement as well. I dont want to see it happen either way.
    That could have been an uncle or cousin, Augustus said. I have plenty of
    relatives in (Baton Rouge) law enforcement. I dont know what we have to do to
    make it more proactive for the officers to be there in the communities to shrink
    the divide that is there.Augustus and her USA Basketball teammates spent time
    Monday in Los Angeles as part of Carmelo Anthonys town hall meeting with
    community leaders, police officers and teenagers.That two-hour sitdown was a
    powerful meeting.It was amazing, USA teammate Brittney Griner said. It was good
    to have officers come out, to have the community members come out and us as
    players come to together and voice and answer questions. For the cops not to be
    forced to be there and be there on their own was special. To hear both sides and
    try to come to a common ground. When something good starts happening, good
    outcomes start happening.Griner too can see both sides. Her father was a police
    officer for many years in Houston. She has other family members as well in law
    enforcement.I worry about my sister, I worry about my dad who wants to go back
    into law enforcement, Griner said. I told him if you do go back Id rather you go
    behind a desk or teach. My dad was a good cop. I think more good cops should go
    back and give back that experience to the academy to help educate future police
    officers.Griner was saddened by all that has gone on lately in tthe
    U.ddddddddddddS. in Minnesota, Baton Rouge, Dallas and other places.All the
    violence towards black lives saddens me, she said. We fight for freedom, we
    fight for equality. We fight for all these things and were not holding up for
    what we stand for. Its a change that needs to happen.Griner and her Phoenix
    Mercury teammates along with two other teams were fined $500 by the league for
    wearing their plain black shirts because it was a uniform violation. That fine
    was later rescinded.The Minnesota Lynx started the social activism in the WNBA,
    wearing t-shirts and holding a pregame press conference earlier this month
    before the Mercury, Indiana Fever and New York Liberty wore their plain black
    shirts. Augustus said that it was actually coach Cheryl Reeve, who is an
    assistant with the U.S. Olympic team, who first had the idea to do something.The
    Lynx activism spread and brought all galvanized the WNBA players.Thats what I am
    impressed about most, said Tamika Catchings, who spoke at the town hall. The
    fact that all 144 players in the WNBA came together on this issue and wanted to
    make sure their voices were heard. I think when you look at the power of African
    American women and being able to step up and join causes and support other
    brothers, thats what its all about.While the WNBA is on break for the month of
    August for the Olympics, the players will continue to try and come up with ideas
    to further show the importance of this issue. Just dont expect any sort of
    activism at the Olympics on the court. The IOC frown upon any social activism
    displays at the Olympics saying that the Games are not a place for proactive
    political or religious demonstrations.Right now were focused on these two weeks,
    Diana Taurasi said. If it comes up though, we wont shy away from it.---Follow
    Doug on Twitter at ' ' '