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  • 21 June 2019
    导出博客文章Who has committed the most fouls this season? Which players most enjoy a Tuesday
    night game? And who has scored the most headed goals in the Premier League?
    Martin Tyler has been busy answering your stats, facts and questions this week
    and has come up with plenty of gems once again.Plus, dont forget to have a go at
    this weeks Tylers Teaser! How to send your questions to Martin:1: Email your
    posers to skysportsclub@bskyb.com2. Tweet @SkyFootball using the
    hashtag #TylersTeasersMartins starting statMy next commentary takes me to
    Stamford Bridge on Sunday for Chelsea v Manchester United. The visitors havent
    beaten Chelsea home or away in all competitions since October 2012 when both
    Fernando Torres and Branislav Ivanovic were sent off - and United won 3-2 with a
    late Javier Hernandez goal. There have been nine games between the two in all
    competitions since then.The following Wednesday Chelsea won 5-4 in the League
    Cup and I commentated on both games. I hope for something similarly eventful for
    the Sky Sports cameras this weekend.Terrific TuesdaysHi Martin. Apparently,
    Wayne Rooney has now scored 12 goals on a Tuesday. Is that a record? (Tim,
    Manchester) Wayne Rooney scored his 12th Premier League goal on a Tuesday
    against Stoke MARTIN SAYS: You are correct. Rooneys midweek goal against Stoke
    was his 12th Premier League goal on a Tuesday - but he still has some work to do
    to break the all-time Premier League record. He currently sits second on the
    list, three ahead of Thierry Henry, with only Alan Shearer ahead of him.The
    former Blackburn and Newcastle striker notched 15 goals on Tuesdays meaning
    Rooney needs another four goals to overtake him. As I write, Manchester United
    have no further Premier League fixtures scheduled for a Tuesday night this
    season.Rooney has the best tally of any players still playing. Christian Benteke
    is next on that list with eight Tuesday goals, while Jermain Defoe has scored
    seven and Cameron Jerome six.Foul playersDear Martin. I believe Aston Villa have
    conceded the most fouls of any team this season and Jordan Ayew the most of any
    player. Am I right? (Chris, Portsmouth) Jonathan Moss red cards Ayew during the
    first-half at Upton Park MARTIN SAYS: Youre wrong and you may be surprised to
    learn Manchester United have committed the most fouls in the Premier League this
    season, having conceded 302. That is just two more than Tottenham in second
    place while Crystal Palace are third having committed 296 fouls. Aston Villa are
    actually fourth with 295 fouls.At the other end of the scale are Everton
    - Roberto Martinezs side have committed just 197 fouls, 19 fewer than Arsenal
    who have the next fewest with 216. Manchester United have committed more fouls
    than any other side this season Individually, Jordan Ayew - who was sent off
    against West Ham on Tuesday - is joint 10th with 35 fouls this season. Top of
    the list is his Aston Villa team-mate Idrissa Gueye with 45 fouls, one more than
    Tottenhams Erik Lamela. Lucas Leiva of Liverpool completes the top three with 42
    fouls conceded.Meanwhile, Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace has drawn the most
    fouls of any player with 57. Sadio Mane (54) and Andre Ayew (50) are the only
    other players to have been fouled 50 times or more.Facing shotsHi Martin, I
    heard a stat that said Arsenal faced as many shots on target in January as
    Sunderland. Is this true and did any sides face more? (Adam, Derby) Arsenal
    goalkeeper Petr Cech was called into action more than most in January MARTIN
    SAYS: That is correct. In January, both Arsenal and Sunderland faced 24 shots on
    target - a league high. However, while Sunderland conceded eight in that time,
    Arsenal conceded just four.Norwich allowed the next most shots on target with
    23, conceding 11 goals in the process. The only other sides to face more than 20
    shots on target in the month were Crystal Palace (22), Everton and Liverpool
    (both 21).However, Everton had a far better defensive record than the other two,
    conceding just six compared to Liverpools 10 and Palaces 11 - a figure that
    means Alan Padrews side conceded every other shot on target they faced.At the
    other end Tottenham have peppered the opposition goal more than any other side
    with 31 shots on target, seven more than the next best tally of 24 by Newcastle.
    There was a tie for the top scorers over the month though, both Chelsea and
    Sunderland scoring nine from 19 and 16 shots on target, respectively.Head
    boyMartin. Has any player scored more headers in the Premier League than John
    Terry? Marc, London John Terry is the highest scoring defender in Premier League
    history MARTIN SAYS: John Terry has scored 40 Premier League goals - and is the
    highest scoring Premier League defender - with 27 of those coming with his
    head.That puts him 10th on the list of players with the most headed goals in
    Premier League history - and level with Andy Cole, who is the third highest
    scorer overall in the competitions history! He also has more Premier League
    headed goals than the likes of Niall Quinn and Emile Heskey.Peter Crouch is top
    of the list with 47 Premier League headers, one clear of Alan Shearer (46). Dion
    Dublin (45) and Les Ferdinand (40) are the only other players with 40 Premier
    League headed goals. Also See: Premier League video Fixtures Table Live on Sky
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    course he loves, you can forgive him if his eyes glance down the calendar just a
    bit, towards April. Ahead of the U.S. Grand Prix, ESPN and other media outlets
    sat down with Haas F1 owner Gene Haas and team principal Guenther Steiner at the
    teams NASCAR base in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Among the topics of discussion
    were the teams debut season in 2016, whether a full-scaleF1 operation in America
    is feasible in future seasons and whether Haas has had buyers remorse at any
    stage this year having entered F1 on the eve of the biggest regulation change in
    recent times.?Gene, you were in Austin last year for the grand prix -- this year
    you are actually in it as a competitor! What are the excitement levels
    like?Haas: It [feels like] another race that we have to go to and do. Im not
    sure what to expect actually.Steiner: Its the same from my side. We dont know
    what to expect from, if they will come and cheer us on or not, we dont know. We
    hope so. Its the first time in 30 years an American team in America, a Formula
    One team. Lets see how that goes down with the fans. Hopefully good.Haas: Weve
    had a lot of support. All the races I go to, theres a few Americans, Canadians
    or English that say, Good for you. But just a few. Not too many!This race isnt
    like Ferrari going to Monza as Haas is still trying to get established on the
    grid, but still an American team racing in America. How much of a home race feel
    is this weekend going to have?Haas: It all comes down to how well we do. The
    worst thing would be to embarrass ourselves as an American team...Steiner: ...In
    America!Haas: Maybe we will pull off an Australia where we actually finish top
    10, that would be great. Im trying not to have expectations one way or another.
    You get beat down pretty quick in this business. So if things dont go right,
    then it was just another race. But if we do phenomenal, were a great
    team.Steiner: Its difficult to gauge expectations. Its 30 years, a long time. I
    think we just have to wait to see what the weekend brings. Because if you have
    expectations that you have hundreds of thousands of fans cheering you on, I
    think thats unrealistic but then I think we always have expectations. We dont
    really know.Haas: [to Steiner] Do you think our competitors will give us some
    slack?Steiner: No... Theyll do the opposite!Haas:?Im sure the American
    contingency will welcome us whole-heartedly and we just hope we can do a
    respectable job.There are sweeping regulation changes on the horizon next year,
    how big a challenge has it been balancing being competitive this year and being
    ready for 2017?Haas:?The biggest challenge was just putting the whole team
    together. Even though we had more time than anybody thought possible, just the
    whole process of starting with the license and the time required to do that and
    then you wind up having to order equipment and lead times on those and then
    trying to figure out where your first race is going to be.We originally decided
    to do everything out of here. That didnt really work out too well so we ended up
    getting a facility in Banbury. So youre putting all these pieces together and
    you have this final date that youre constantly building to but everything is
    changing and I give Guenther a lot of credit for being able to put all those
    pieces together.One of the things he was able to do was obviously develop a
    contract with [chassis supplier] Dallara and Ferrari, a substantial amount of
    the pieces came from them, which was really a great thing because I dont think
    we would have made it without that help. And also finding the personnel to come
    work for us. Its a real challenge to find people that want to work for a team
    that doesnt exist.Given the current state of regulations, was this the best time
    to enter F1? As opposed to the start of 2017?Haas: I think the way everything
    worked out probably was the best for us because theres certain windows that open
    up and close up real quick. You can look at other teams and see theyve taken
    different approaches. Manor has taken a different approach that was saved by a
    blink of a signature and they didnt have the time to do everything like we did.
    So theres penalties for that. The timing of it all, it was all real critical of
    how it all flowed together and got to where we were.Steiner: I would say its
    never the right to do anything because then you dont do anything! If you say,
    Next year, the regulation change ... We dont know, maybe, next year weve got
    this new car and if there are some problems with it and if you change direction
    again, then would it be not better to wait another year? And you wait and
    wait.Sometimes you have to say, Gene wanted to do this. Can we do it? Yes. Is it
    the ideal time? We dont know because we cannot look into the future. But Gene
    committed to it and said, Lets do it. And then you just try to do your best this
    year and next year. If you say, Yeah, but if we wait another, then maybe its
    better.=But its maybe - we dont know.At some stage, if you want to do something,
    you need to get it done. Is it the best time? I dont know. I think it was OK
    because it ended up being OK and now we need to do a good job for next year and
    were working hard on it. I think we will be OK.When did you begin allocating
    your resources toward next year?Steiner: This year is difficult to define. I
    would say we started in February to move to 17 and from the end of May, June, we
    stopped completely on the 16 development, everything was on 17 except if youve
    got problems with the car. Then you have to fix it for this year. But nothing to
    put on to go fast or anything.Youve had some issues this year with [brake
    suppliers] Brembo and [chassis manufacturer] Dallara. Will there be any changes
    in your relationship with either of those or your Ferrari technical partnership
    next year or are you committed to those manufacturers?Haas:?Were always in
    negotiation. Were always trying to get more. Theres constantly contacts going
    back and forth for every little detail and I think Ferrari is kind of learning a
    little bit, too, about exactly what do we offer Ferrari. So theres this going
    back and forth. Everything is always in Flux.Theyre changing the rules all the
    time, theyre changing this, weve got to do that and heres our new rules for next
    year. They didnt really decide on the 17 car until a few months ago.Everything
    is always changing. If anything, we can say we have a very good relationship
    with all of our suppliers because we pay our bills. We understand Dallara
    better, we understand Ferrari better and hopefully they like working with us. So
    from just a personnel point of view, it all looks positive.The original plan was
    to do all this from a U.S. base. ?Youve split resources between here and the UK
    in your first year, is the eventual plan still to do it all in America?Haas: I
    think we will do more as we take on more CFD. But the cars are so
    technologically advanced that to develop a gear box would take you 10 years. I
    dont see how else you would do that. You just cant design one of these things
    and make it work. Its very, very complex, lots of track time involved,
    experience involved. How do you get that? You just cant get that by doing it
    yourself unless youve got 10 years to do it.So were learning. Who knows? Maybe
    10 years from now, maybe we will start to build our own gearboxes. Our
    relationship in NASCAR was very similar. We started off with Hendrick engines
    and chassis and now were moving on to a Ford relationship. So as time goes on,
    things do evolve. But I can tell you right now, we would have stumbled very
    badly without Ferrari and Dallaras help.Do you think its feasible, Guenther, in
    the long run?Steiner: Its just a question of time. Anything is feasible. But,
    again, its also a business decision, which is more down to Gene to decide. ...
    It would not make sense. You would spend double the amount of money. We would
    have to decide because we would need to learn, we need to employ people, we
    would have to get people here at a high premium because they would need to
    relocate.Instead of hhaving a shop of maybe 180-190 people working on the
    project, all of a sudden we would have -- the smallest F1 team is over
    300.dddddddddddd And they are doing it in a few years. We would end up with 400
    people, 500 people and would we have a lot better result? I wouldnt go forward
    and say, Yes, Gene, lets do this because we can finish first. No. I think we
    would go backwards in the beginning. So lets get a little bit more experience.
    We havent finished our first season. Then see in a few years where it takes
    us.Haas: The good news is we are going to have a second season!Has this been a
    successful debut year, in your eyes?Haas: Its been super successful. Weve said
    this a number of times, If we said [at the start] we would have 28 points by
    midyear, we all would have taken that one. Midyear has been a little tough on us
    because we havent really scored any more points. But I think we did better than
    expected at the beginning, we were less than happy with what happened in the
    midseason but we have four more races. We have the latest aero package. So were
    optimistic.Liberty Media have taken control of Formula One, an American-based
    group. Theyve said they will keep F1 based in Europe but do you think they can
    leverage the sport better in America?Haas:?I would think that every team owner
    would be very optimistic that theyre going to bring us more money for less work.
    But I doubt it! The honeymoon is on and well see how it all works out.Im sure
    the previous Formula One owners are hoping that the new guys will bring in lots
    of new revenue ideas and the new owners are saying, Were going to make a lot of
    money out of this deal. You have different opposing views. Everyone wants more
    money, lets face it. The teams want more money but Im sure that the new owners
    are going to be thinking about, How can we pay the team owners less money
    [laughs]But is there a fanbase here that hasnt been reached, that could be?Haas:
    Oh, theres a huge number of fans in the United States that dont know about
    Formula One. How you reach them, I dont know. I dont really know how you do
    that. I think all the racing venues are struggling with that one. Theyre looking
    for their new fan base. They know that this is ultimately an entertainment show
    and they have to have a good product.Ive been in Formula One only for only a few
    years now. Its pretty exciting even though it reminds me a little bit, Im not a
    big baseball fan, but theres a lot of intricacies that are going on in Formula
    One that are completely different than NASCAR in terms of when the race starts
    and the excitement level in Formula One is pretty intense all the way from
    qualifying to race day. Where in NASCAR, that intensity really only happens in
    the last 25 laps.Speaking of money and negotiations, youve previously said
    theres no deal with Bernie Ecclestone in terms of prize money for next year. Has
    that changed at all?Haas:?Bernie doesnt negotiate! There is the Concorde
    Agreement which we race under and thats all spelled out in that agreement about
    how teams are paid. Any monies that we do get would come directly from that
    agreement.So nothing has really changed?Haas:?No. We havent got anything, not
    any reimbursement from Formula One. But I think Bernie once said, We didnt ask
    these guys to show up and if they want to race here, thats their problem.When
    you started this, you talked about potential new business for Haas Automation.
    Have you had much?Haas: The market were in is difficult. The amount of
    recognition that we get is pretty phenomenal. From people who know who we are
    and what we do is probably double or triple. There was one show in Paris or
    somewhere like that and usually you get 1,000 or 2,000 leads. It went to 10,000
    leads. From a standpoint of recognition, its been pretty phenomenal.Your drivers
    for next year...Haas:?We have two...Do you know who they are?Haas:?Yes we
    do.Romain and Esteban?Haas:?I cant tell you that. At the moment, theres no big
    incentive to finalize that list. I think its well-known that Grosjean has a
    contract for next year. Gutierrez, were just in negotiations. Gutierrez is a
    Ferrari reserve driver, so a lot of those negotiations go back and forth with
    Ferrari.Have you had interest from other drivers given your performance?Haas:?I
    think theres always some phone calls here and there but I think nothing was more
    than general interest.Steiner:?This year its pretty flat with Jenson [Button]
    leaving and [Felipe] Massa, two senior drivers. The market is not an easy
    market. But were OK. Well have two drivers. Well be happy. Well be fine.How
    valuable has Grosjean been to develop the car?Steiner: I think what he gave us
    is the confidence of where the car is. As much as he sometimes complains about
    the car, he knows what the car needs to do. He doesnt tell you to make you
    happy. He tells you with his experience, the car is doing this, that or the
    other. Or it isnt right or its right. So were confident. Hes one of the crucial
    elements of our success here this year.Have you felt any more pressure or less
    pressure to have an American driver?Haas:?We get a lot of people that would like
    to see us to, say, become the American team. Wed like to have people throw money
    at us, too [laughs].Steiner:?Wed all like a lot of things. Somebody has to pay
    for it.Haas: If we had to do everything American, we wouldnt have enough money
    or enough time for anything. Were here really to build a race team. If an
    American driver came along to have the pedigree to do this, yeah, we would
    seriously consider that. But at the moment, there arent any F1 drivers. Youre
    always looking for experience.Its a drivers market right now because weve lost
    two very experienced drivers and the newcomers really dont have much
    experiences. Theres lots of drivers out there but you take that chance of the
    unknown. Theres a lot of people that can compete well in GP3 and GP2. They
    qualify well but racing in Formula One is a whole different sport.Have you
    thought about fielding a team in GP2 or GP3?Haas: If they start throwing money
    at us! I cant find those money throwers. As wonderful as Americans are, they are
    pretty tight, too...Gene, 17 races in, are you glad you did this? A lot of
    people doubted you would never show up, said you were throwing your money
    away... Has it been what you thought it would be?Haas: Yeah. It brings a lot of
    intense focus on racing and Ive always said that the racing and my business kind
    of going hand-in-hand in the sense it kind of inspires you to want to perform
    better, not only in the racing part but the business part of it. It was the
    right thing to do.The timing seemed perfect. I have a lot of experienced
    people... I have Guenther who, as you know, is a little bit crazy in the sense
    he wants to go do this [laughs]. Time-wise, I cant spend that much time... I
    think Ive actually made it to over half the races. That is a huge amount of time
    to get to these races. Its just a phenomenal burden to do Formula One with all
    that flying and jet lag.Actually, Im kind of surprised another American didnt do
    it. I kind of scratch my head, theres so many Americans that profess to love
    racing. Im kind of surprised another American didnt jump into this arena and
    say, I can do that.Has there been a moment this year youve had buyers
    remorse?Haas:?Theres some things we could have done better, but those were
    unknown. Actually, I never had any regrets. This seems like the perfect thing to
    do. Ive done NASCAR for 15, 16 years now and this just seems like a natural
    progression of moving up the chain to get to the highest level.NASCAR is a high
    level, dont get me wrong. But Im not sure where you go after Formula One. The
    only other thing left would be the Indy 500 or Le Mans or something like that.
    So theres always another goal. But you have to have goals or you just stop. ' '