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strength and conditioning

  • 27 Jun
    The following is an excerpt from Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith & Courage to Follow Your Dreams with Sheryl Beck. Copyright ? 2016. Published by Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Used by permission.Sometimes the only thing that could get me to come down from my perch in my tree was to tell me the Olympics were on TV. One day I was completely absorbed in the gymnastics competition when I turned to my parents and announced, Im going to be an Olympic gymnast when I grow up. There was a brief pause, then they nodded. Wow, okay, they said. To them it was okay. They would ever dissuade me even if the idea seemed far-fetched. I used to think they were pretty crazy, but now I realize they were always ten steps ahead of any wild plan I could dream up. They always saw the potential in me. They always believed I would live an extraordinary life that defied all odds. They taught me how to look past my circumstances. They taught me to be brave, for which I will be forever grateful. A life without fear is a life without limits.I was six years old the first time I saw Dominique Moceanu on TV. It felt like a lightbulb went off in my head: Aha! I want to be like her. She was tiny; I was tiny. She was fiery; I was fiery. She was born to Romanian parents; I knew I was born to Romanian parents. We even looked alike, with the same tan skin, huge dark eyes, and thick jet-black hair. I was drawn to her but couldnt say why. I remember a poster in my gym of the Magnificent Seven, Dominiques 1996 US Olympic gymnastics team, and one of her on the beam. I told myself, One day, that will be me.Im not sure what it was about tumbling that appealed to me, but I do know I was always attracted to activities that required strength, technique, and focus. I also loved the speed and sensation of flying across a room. I felt like I had been shot out of a cannon. From the time I was in second grade, the gym at Beth Allen Power Tumbling was my second home. At that time, the gym was in Newton, which was about twenty minutes away from my house. I didnt complain though, because there was a Hardees on the way, and I got to eat hot ham-and-cheese sandwiches (they used the white cheese instead of the yucky orange cheese, which made me so happy) on the way home. I might have loved those sandwiches as much as I loved learning how to power tumble. I wasnt in that building long before Beth moved her business to a gym that was conveniently located by my school. But no more ham-and-cheese sandwiches!When my mom first called Beth, she explained my fascination with gymnastics and asked her if shed take me on as a student.Sure, we can try, Beth said. But honestly, Ive never helped anyone like that. Lets see what she can do.I wanted to do it all. My very first day, I did a forward roll. I had such drive and passion for tumbling, there was no stopping me. The gym had a Tumbl Trak, one beam, some floor mats, and a long rod spring floor that we competed on. Between the track and the rod floor were rainbow-colored mats where we would practice handstands, cartwheels, and round offs. We used to have handstand contests to see who could hold a handstand the longest. Big surprise, I always won! I could stand on my hands for hours if I had to. When it came to tumbling, I didnt need as much of a running start as other kids -- why waste time when I could just get down to it?I want to do a back handspring, I told my coaches one day. I could tell Beth was a little unsure. It was not an easy move, even for a kid with legs. But I was determined and wouldnt even let them spot me. I never let anyone spot me for the longest time, and Im not sure why. I just wanted to take on the challenge all by myself, to prove to myself I could do it without anyones help. Looking back, it was crazy-I could have killed myself! But I was strong-willed and stubborn. 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Down by seven with 90 seconds left in regulation, thats where they looked comfortable.Former Liverpool and Swansea performance director Glen Driscoll has joined forces again with Brendan Rodgers at Celtic. Driscoll also spent nine years at Chelsea dealing with areas of performance, fitness and conditioning, physiotherapy and injury prevention.He joins the Scottish champions, who appointed Rodgers as their new manager on Monday and Chris Davies as assistant manager on Thursday. Rodgers said: Bringing Glen to Celtic is great news for our players who will benefit from the huge breadth of knowledge he has across all areas of performance. New Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers welcomed joining up with Driscoll again The experience he will bring to the club will be invaluable to our players and I know he will work very well with the excellent medical and performance staff already at the club.Performance, fitness, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and injury prevention are all crucial elements in the modern game and we will be using Glens wide range of skills to ensure we achieve the highest standards across these areas. See how thousands of Celtic fans welcomedd Rodgers to the club Glens talent in this area has been a massive support to me at both Liverpool and Swansea and I know he will deliver great work and great benefits to our players at Celtic.ddddddddddddGlen added: I am absolutely delighted to join Celtic, such an iconic name in world football and I am really looking forward to teaming up again with both Brendan and Chris. New Celtic manager Rodgers believes he is taking over one of the biggest clubs in the world We have some highly talented elite players at the club and my role will be to ensure we give them all we can to achieve any extra edge possible.The areas I work in play a huge role ultimately in achieving maximum performance levels, in preventing injury and ensuring a high level of player availability. We are looking forward to meeting the squad in the next few weeks. Myself and the other performance staff at Celtic will work together and do all we can to help our players achieve their own objectives as individual athletes and help the team as a whole deliver success to our fans. Also See: Celtic video Celtic fixtures Celtic stats Get £10 free bet! Cheap Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys ' ' '