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  • June 29, 2019
    导出博客文章Manor has announced that Esteban Ocon will race alongside Pascal Wehrlein for
    the remainder of the 2016 Formula One season.The British team confirmed it had
    decided to terminate Rio Haryantos contract as a full-time race driver after he
    was unable to meet his contractual obligations. As a result, Mercedes junior
    Ocon will make his grand prix debut in Belgium at the end of the month.Haryanto
    had taken part in the first 12 grands prix of the season alongside Wehrlein, but
    it was reported the Indonesian would need to find additional funding in order to
    keep his race seat beyond Hockenheim.Manor has offered Haryanto a reserve driver
    role for the remaining nine races of 2016.Racing director Dave Ryan said: We are
    very pleased to welcome Esteban to Manor Racing for the remainder of the season.
    He is clearly one of the rising stars of F1, shining in his reserve driver role
    with Renault, while also competing in the DTM with Mercedes-AMG this year.Were
    confident that when Esteban makes his grand prix debut in Spa, we will have a
    very potent lineup with which to take the fight to our immediate competitors for
    the rest of the season.Ryan added: We are very pleased to continue our support
    for Rios F1 ambitions, by offering him a reserve driver role for the rest of the
    current season. We very much hope that he will accept that offer.
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    . In the lead up - which seemed to begin the moment Mike
    Geiger blew the whistle in Houston last Thursday night - the Impact rumour mill
    went into overdrive. The speculation went into meltdown mode, of the golden
    nugget variety.
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    . After a lengthy wait, persistent rain finally
    forced the postponement of the Nationals game against the Miami Marlins on
    Saturday night. The teams, and a few thousand fans, waited nearly four hours
    from the 7:05 scheduled start time before an announcement was made shortly
    before 11 p.
    . During the athletes parade, the 23-strong Ukrainian team was represented by a
    lone flagbearer in an apparent protest at the presence of Russian troops in
    Ukraines Crimean peninsula.
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    . Despite the cost, effort and an improved steroid test,
    its possible that very few -- if any -- positives will be detected, Dr. Richard
    Budgett told The Associated Press in an interview. "We just dont know what the
    results from Torino will be," Budgett said.
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    . Thats about all he can do right now, so hes trying
    not to think about when he might be able to play again for the Los Angeles
    Lakers. Tony Stewart wouldnt make predictions during the preseason about his
    final Sprint Cup year. He knew he had struggled since 2013, and he didnt want to
    put on a bold face and guarantee a win or a Chase berth. He only promised he
    would do his best and try to have fun along the way.Many in sports equal fun
    with winning. Second is the first loser. But while he has compiled a house full
    of racing-winning and championship trophies, racing for Stewart also revolves
    around speed and fervent competition. Go hard or go home but go at it with
    respect. The atmosphere: Raw with the smell of fuel amid the blinding speed in
    cars driven by the fearless.Racing at the Sprint Cup level doesnt feature that
    grass-roots feel. Along with the boatloads of money earned and money spent come
    mudslides of manure that drivers and owners must trudge through. Stewart gets
    the double-whammy of both driver and owner. He needs his own tanker trailer of
    Port-o-John suction power to navigate his racing season.So he will retire after
    this year and go back to the pure form of racing sprint cars when he wants, not
    when some sponsor tells him to. He will get to the track, practice, qualify and
    race all in the same day and either go have pizza and beers, go light fireworks
    (did you see that display on Periscope?) or head to the next track. Or he could
    just go to sleep. Or get on his plane and go somewhere remote, away from the
    bright lights and the adoration.He will still rank as a superstar and he will
    have to contend with public perception, but it wont drain him as much as it does
    now. If things get too overwhelming, he can decide to change his plans.And after
    winning Sunday at Sonoma Raceway, Stewart can also say he went out of NASCAR as
    a winner in his final Sprint Cup season. Not every great driver can say that.
    And not every great driver had gone three years -- 84 races (plus 26 more that
    he missed) -- before winning in his final rodeo.For someone so brash, Stewart
    also apparently has a sensitive side. He doesnt understand how some people could
    have such venom, which they spew on social media, critical of his racing
    ability, his demeanor, and his past transgressions. Certainly, Stewarts resume
    and at-track persona -- and more than a few antics -- dont sit well with
    everyone and he has earned some of that hate.He reads hes too washed up, too
    slow and obviously cant drive the good equipment that Kevin Harvick and Kurt
    Busch take to wins. And it might not hurt for long, but Stewart saw enough of
    those comments to mention in his postrace news conference at Sonoma.His win at
    Sonoma wont change that type of vitriol. His lengthy resume has allowed fans to
    form opinions. If he got on social media this week, he might stumble among those
    who believe that Denny Hamlin purposefully went wide in the final corner to give
    Stewart the win.dddddddddddd (The video does not help the cause, especially the
    overhead shots. Hamlin had a good gap on Stewart and went wide, blowing the
    corner in epic fashion. How in the world could Hamlin mess up so bad?)But to
    believe Hamlin gifted the victory, you would have to assume Hamlin first made a
    mistake in passing Stewart in the first place.Knowing the competitiveness of a
    race-car driver, it is rational to believe Hamlin just delivered the choke job
    of ultimate proportion. Even the best make mistakes, and Hamlin has made a few
    in his career, especially in the 2010 championship hunt. Great pitchers hang a
    fastball at the wrong moment. Great basketball shooters miss from close range.
    Sometimes the best golfer two-putts when a 12-year-old can sink it on the first
    try.Stewart earned this win. He didnt get passed on either of the restarts after
    he assumed the lead. As he said, he probably hit all but three corners on the
    final 14 laps. He delivered a winning performance no matter what happened on
    that last lap.Now comes the Chase. In 2011 he predicted he didnt have a chance
    and then won five races to capture the title. So dont ask him now, hell say.Dont
    look on the track for answers. Teams ran the proposed 2017 package at Michigan,
    where Stewart had his best performance of the season prior to Sonoma. The road
    course at Sonoma has no correlation to any turn in the Chase, and this week the
    series heads to the restrictor-plate event at Daytona. Then comes another look
    at the 2017 package with Kentucky. Not for another month will Stewart race a car
    that has a potential Chase setup.The odds dont favor him. But truthfully a
    driver doesnt have to run great in the entire Chase to advance to the
    championship round. A driver could race mediocre in the first round, good in the
    second round and then must have those great moments over the last four
    events.Stewart could get there. But if he doesnt, he gave his fans one more
    chance to celebrate. Actually, theyll have plenty of more chances to celebrate.
    When he gets to running the cars that truly make him happy, they could see him
    race closer to their hometowns, and theyll pay cheaper prices for tickets and
    concessions. As long as they can see through the clouds of dirt rising from the
    surface, they will see Stewart wheeling a car with a smile on his face.When he
    wins, hell celebrate. He might have to thank a few sponsors, but hell celebrate
    in a victory lane void of much of the butt-kissing and media stops one has to do
    as part of the big-money Sprint Cup machine.It will be raw. It will be real. And
    it will prove once again that he has the talent. No questions asked.
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