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  • July 10, 2019

    id=content_id>Stott ,
    a shortstop from UNLV, is shooting up draft boards this spring."While having the
    No. 1 overall pick in last June’s MLB draft was certainly better for the Tigers
    organization, we here at Bless You Boys are currently enjoying the added chaos
    that comes with picking a few spots lower. In particular, mock drafts are much
    more unpredictable than before, making for more interesting discussion as the
    draft draws closer.In their latest mock, the experts at Baseball America project
    that the Tigers will select UNLV shortstop Bryson Stott, a junior that is
    quickly shooting up draft boards this spring. Through 23 games, Stott is batting
    an absurd .349/.513/.663 with five home runs and more walks (27) than strikeouts
    (18).Stott’s ascent has materialized in multiple pre-draft rankings. Baseball
    America moved him up to sixth on their board this week, 21 spots higher than
    their previous update. He is fifth overall on FanGraphs’
    rankings ,
    and the No. 12 prospect in his draft class at MLB Pipeline.Listed at 6’3 and 195
    pounds, Stott is fairly big for a shortstop, but there are not many questions
    about his ability to stick there at the next level. He is an above-average
    runner who has the range to play there, and an above-average arm that has been
    clocked as high as 97 miles per hour.Offensively, Stott appears to be tapping
    into more of his above-average raw power this season. This was the biggest knock
    on him heading into this year — his swing was previously described as
    “slap-heavy” — but those concerns are fading. The added power will serve him
    well, as Stott already has an excellent approach at the plate; FanGraphs thinks
    he could have a plus hit tool when all is said and done.The intangibles are
    there for Stott too. He has a good track record in wooden bat leagues, including
    the Cape Cod League last summer, and coaches have raved about his makeup and
    work ethic. He also shows a good feel for the game, with instincts that help his
    tools play up on the diamond.While draft pick projections are all over the map
    now Christian
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    , the consensus seems to be that the Tigers (and others
    around them) will be taking a bat this spring. The top 11 picks on Baseball
    America’s mock are all position players, and the first pitcher on their top 300
    prospects list doesn’t appear until No. 10. MLB Pipeline’s list is also
    hitter-heavy, with righthander Carter Stewart the only pitcher in the top eight.
    Can Merrill Kelly carry KBO success over to MLB ?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots
    Sections Diamondbacks Farm TeamsGameday ThreadsDiamondbacks NewsDiamondbacks
    Game ReportsFang FoodCrowd Sourcing Diamondbacks Over/Under Projections: #24
    Merrill KellyNew,14commentsCan Merrill Kelly carry KBO success over to MLB ?
    ESTShareTweetShareShareCrowd Sourcing Diamondbacks Over/Under Projections: #24
    Merrill KellyRick Scuteri-USA TODAY SportsIf familiar with this series go ahead
    and skip to poll. If not, please read on.This series of articles will run from
    now until shortly before opening day. The purpose is to crowd source the D-Backs
    fans of this website to get a sense of how they feel about the prospects of each
    individual player on the 40 man roster. For this exercise I will only be using
    rate (average) stats and poll the readers on their sense of direction for that
    player’s level of basic performance, regardless of playing time expectations.I’m
    not including defense and base running, so no WAR here, as that is playing time
    dependent. You will be given two poll options:The player will either exceed the
    projection or under perform the projection by 5% for hitters OPS or 10% for
    pitchers ERA/FIP.There is no middle option to vote on. (Otherwise the majority
    of votes would end up agreeing with the projection).What I am looking for is if
    you are forced to indicate your sense of direction for the player, is it well
    over or under the projection?Other Points of noterojections are the average of
    Steamer and ZIPS projections.(Click through for original tables)The projections
    draw on 3 or 4 year
    samples Nathan
    Eovaldi Jersey
    , weighting most recent seasons the heaviest, but I’m just
    showing 2018 and career statsin mini table below for simplicityThe player’s name
    is high lighted with a link to the player’s Baseball-Reference page.Click on
    that to see more player history and detailAge is the 2019 player age.Polls will
    run until mid March, so if you miss a player,you can go to the story stream box
    on the front page andfind a player you might have missed .Please let us know in
    the comments section your thoughts behind your vote. Thanks !CONTEXT MERRILL
    KELLY , Age 29Merrill Kelly has a projection for a 4.68 ERA, 4.61 FIP.Is he
    likely to come in Over or Under ?