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  • July 13, 2019
    What were some of the things that worked for the Vikings in
    2018 that they should keep for 2019?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Vikings
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    Dat - Week
    1New Rashod
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    ,14commentsWhat were some of the things that worked for the
    Vikings in 2018 that they should keep for 2019?CDTShareTweetShareShareKeep Dat -
    Week 1Washington PostKeep Dat series in an effort to find plays, wrinkles and
    schemes worth keeping for the Minnesota Vikings...Play 1San Francisco 49ers
    defense is playing Cover 1, the Line Backer comes off the edge to “blitz hug”
    the running back which just means the LB covers the RB on a route or adds to a
    blitz if the running back is blocking . On this play if the running back blocks,
    the back has to react one of two ways, if the blitzer comes he must block, but
    if does not, he should get to the flat. On this play the LB hesitates the blitz
    to confuse Dalvin Cook. On offense the Vikings are running a man/ zone beater.
    On the backside they have a rub route for Diggs, on the front side they flood
    that zone. Thielen’s route is a slant, with the running back to the flat.
    Offenses will do this to confuse zone defenses, if the defensive player
    hesitates, the QB should either throw to Thielen in that
    zone ,
    or the back to the flat. The back will probably out leverage a line backer to
    the flat, and the QB should throw to him, which is what Cousins does on this
    play.NFLPlay 2This play is a Naked boot leg, the back side tight end splits the
    zone to the flat. The Front side tight end stock blocks then releases. The
    secret wrinkle in this play is the offense can set up the screen for the running
    back off of this play as well. On this play the front side receiver has a corner
    covering him. Sometimes the receiver will throw a double move depending on down
    distance.NFLPlay 3On this play the Vikings are in Cover 1 man with a low hole
    backer (Kendricks). 49ers have a split back, here Mike Hughes and Anthony Barr
    are manned up on the backs. The Vikings are mugging the A-gap (gap between
    center and guard) to show initial pressure. NFLPlay 4Vikings stack the box with
    a 5 man pressure, Harrison Smith is in cover 3 and is responsible for the Tight
    End if he goes vertical. The high safety (Sendejo) is also suppose to shade the
    slot receiver. Smith needs to be aware that no one should carry him vertically,
    and has to account that if he goes free he has to hover over the slot or take
    him.This play shows the versatility of Harrison, because he will also blitz from
    this same package. Danielle Hunter rushes wide, which allows Jayron Kearse and
    Eric Kendricks to blitz the B-gap(gap between the Guard and the Tackle). Sheldon
    Richardson and Linval Joseph are key here as well as they both pull blockers
    right to allow a wider gap for Kendricks and Kearse to be blitz freely.Griffen
    feints the pass rush, but drops into cover in the middle to cover the running
    back. Jimmy Garappolo is hurried to get rid of the ball and throws an
    interception to Mike Hughes. Anthony Barr has to run from the middle of the
    field to cover that zone area.NFLThe Vikings were doing good things this season.
    Each game has a few plays that should be kept in their playbooks and expanded
    upon. Woo Hoo! It’s Monday!" />Skip to main
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    Vikings PodcastsFiled under:Open ThreadsMinnesota Vikings News and Links: May 6,
    2019New Womens
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    ,275commentsWoo Hoo! It’s
    Monday!CDTShareTweetShareShareMinnesota Vikings News and Links: May 6, 2019Merry
    Monday, everyone!We’re fired up and ready for the brand new, exciting work week
    that is waiting to greet us, let’s get it started.Around the DN since our last
    open thread:The Vikings may still be interested in Ryan Schraeder, wludford
    fills us in.Wludford also has a projection on the Vikings 53-man roster. I’ll go
    out on a limb here, and venture a guess that it will have 53 men on it.Chris
    looked at whether Jeff Badet may be in the Vikings’ plans for 2019.The Vikings
    inked two more of their draft picks to deals.Other Vikings/NFL news, other
    sports news, and occasional random oddities:From WJCL in Savannah GA, Kirk
    Cousins spoke at a local church, and took some time after the service to talk
    with some of the athletes and coaches.The NFL and NFLPA released testing results
    from an annual study testing the performance of NFL helmets. I don’t
    know Linval
    Joseph Jersey
    , don’t the helmets just sit on the players’ heads the whole
    game? Unless they become dislodged, I suppose, but then they usually just fall
    to the ground. It doesn’t seem like they do much performing, but I’m not an
    expert in such things.We come to today’s media selection:A little more southern
    rock for you, here’s The Marshall Tucker Band, enjoy!Again, we all know the
    rules, but in case someone is new:No discussion of politics or religionNo
    feeding of the trollsThis isn’t a male version of The View, so leave the gender
    hatred at the doorKeep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if
    you must)Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or
    movie ,
    please use spoiler tagsNo pictures that could get someone fired or in serious
    trouble with their employerIf you can’t disagree in a civil manner, feel free to
    go awayWhile navigating the open thread, just assume it’s sarcasmWith that, the
    beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up and tie one on. Don’t forget to
    tip your waitress, and try the chicken, it tastes like chicken.