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  • 10 Aug
    OAKS ,
    Calif. (AP) — Los Angeles Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman will pay his
    fine from the NFL for a helmet-to-helmet hit on New Orleans receiver Tommylee
    Lewis in the NFC championship game.The Rams’ slot cornerback wants to move past
    the drama surrounding that now-infamous hit, which also appeared to happen well
    before Drew Brees‘ pass arrived in the fourth quarter last Sunday. No flag was
    thrown for pass interference or for the helmet-to-helmet nature of the hit,
    possibly altering the outcome of Los Angeles’ 26-23 overtime victory at New
    Orleans.“It’s all good, and I’m moving on,” Robey-Coleman said. “That’s how the
    league feels. That’s their call.”Robey-Coleman confirmed he received a fine from
    the NFL on Friday, essentially a tacit acknowledgement by the league that a
    penalty should have been called. The NFL Network reported he was fined
    $26,739.Robey-Coleman wouldn’t say whether he agreed with the league’s decision
    to fine him for helmet-to-helmet contact, but the veteran defensive back
    acknowledged after the game that he could have easily been whistled for pass
    interference.“It’s the league’s call, the ref’s call,” Robey-Coleman said. “I
    have nothing to do with that (decision). I made a football play. The ref made
    his call, and there’s nothing else that I could do about it. That’s their call,
    and that’s something that you just have to live with as a football
    team Shareef
    Miller Jersey
    , and we’re going to the Super Bowl, so we just have to move
    on.”They’re not done talking about it in New Orleans, however. The no-call has
    sparked outrage among the Saints and their fans, including calls for a Super
    Bowl boycott. Two lawsuits have been filed over the officiating, calling for
    everything from a replay of the game’s final moments to full refunds for
    Superdome fans.New Orleans coach Sean Payton said the referees “blew the
    call.”If Robey-Coleman had been flagged, the Saints would have been able to wind
    down the clock to the final seconds of regulation before kicking a short field
    goal, putting them in a commanding position to win. Instead, the Rams are going
    to their first Super Bowl in 17 years after they drove for a tying field goal
    and an overtime winner.The Rams have been diplomatic about their fortunate
    break, acknowledging the sketchy nature of Robey-Coleman’s hit while also gently
    pointing out that one play doesn’t decide any game.“All we do as coaches, if a
    (penalty) is called, we usually get mad if it’s against us,” Los Angeles
    defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said. “If a (penalty) is not
    called ,
    we thought they were holding Aaron Donald or something. But if they don’t call
    it, you go to the next play. That’s the way the game has been played for a long
    time.”By paying the fine instead of appealing it, Robey-Coleman hopes to turn
    his focus to facing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in
    Atlanta next weekend. Robey-Coleman is likely to line up extensively against
    Julian Edelman, the Patriots’ vaunted slot receiver.“Him and Tom (Brady) work
    great together,” said Robey-Coleman, who faced the Patriots repeatedly during
    his time in the AFC East with the Buffalo Bills. “Can’t wait to get on the field
    and play against those guys.” White guys in the NFL usually stick to a few
    positions Large country boys fair well on the offensive or defensive line,
    while ex-soccer players become place kickers, and level-headed, smart rich kids
    usually become quarterback (or head coach). But you really don't see too many
    Caucasian players lining up in the tail of an I-formation, or stretched outside
    the hash mark, lined up face-to-face with a corner. So today we look to the NFL
    position that has always garnered some intrigue, the white wide receiver. We
    will look into eight of the
    best ,
    and seven of the worst "gym rat" receivers of since 2000.Note, since we are
    doing a list from players after 2000, to meet this list, the player must have
    played at least half their career in the 21st century, so Panthers fans, don't
    be too upset that Ricky Proehl is not on this list! Sure, he made some clutch
    catches, including the game tying touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVIII, but that
    alone can't put him here! No, this list will be taking into account an entire
    career's body of work. Here are the eight best and seven worst white NFL wide
    receivers since 2000.