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Buy the Best Quality Minky Blankets from Baby Want Designs

  • Apr 6
    Baby blankets are the first thing your newborn baby gets as part of his/her numerous clothing items. These blankets are crucial during the initial days of your newborn’s development as they provide the feeling of comfort and a sense of security, just like the womb. Most of these blankets have been manufactured in bulk by companies and hence may be compromised on quality—you don’t want that for your baby. Out of all the possible materials available on the market, Minky blankets are gaining momentum and becoming one of the most popular choices among mothers. Baby Want Designs recognizes the need forsoft and handmade baby blankets and provides the best quality of Minky blankets in the USA.

    Established in 2014 by Amber, the company was born out of the idea of gifting a baby blanket to an expectant mother who happened to be her friend. To give a personalized gift, Amber made a Minky blanket with a striking design that everyone liked. Then, she started getting orders to make more and that is how Baby Want Designs was born. The company chose Minky as the preferred material for making these blankets because it is the coziest, softest and stays just as new even after multiple washes. The website also has multiple designs to choose from and different sizes of blankets. Apart from baby minky blankets, Baby Want Designs additionally makes blankets for toddlers, youths Minky blanket for baby, head over to the Baby Want Designs’ website!

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