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Wenger life at the Emirates will look like.

  • November 19, 2018
    Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn. [b]DaeSean Hamilton Jersey[/b].ca. Kerry, Just watched the shootout in the Coyotes/Leafs game and I have to ask, why was the James van Riemsdyk goal allowed to count? All of the video replays we were shown on TV were inconclusive about whether the puck had entirely crossed the line or not. Neither ref made an attempt at blowing the whistle or pointing at the net and no call was made on the play as it was sent right to the video replay judges. Only after the replay was reviewed was the goal allowed to count. Paul Devorski told Coyotes coach Dave Tippett that he was sure it was a goal. If Devorski was so confident it was a goal then why didnt he signal a goal and blow the whistle? Why did he send it to the video replay? Their indecision and explanation do not seem to match up. Your insight would be greatly appreciated as it appears the Leafs were the recipients of the proverbial home ice advantage! Thanks,Chad Conner in Phoenix Chad, After witnessing JVRs ultimate shootout goal, neither referees (Rob Martell and Paul Devorski) signaled a goal nor did they make a waive off. Understandably, they appeared uncertain and indecisive as they searched to find the puck from underneath Smiths pads. The puck did not become visible until Smith wisely and carefully manipulated his pads from inside the net and kicked his feet forward until the puck appeared well out in the middle of his goal crease. Since no signal was made by either referee as required, I must assume they did not and could not see the puck across the goal line. As such, they were unable and unwilling to make an initial call. The only alternative for Martell and Devorski at this point was to pass the decision upstairs to video review which has become the safety net for the official. Video review rendered an inconclusive verdict since no camera angle was available to clearly demonstrate the puck crossing the goal line due to the obstructed view from Smiths pads! The call then reverted back to the referee(s) on the ice for a final decision. Referee Rob Martell was on the head set throughout the video review process. The referee was either provided with input and assistance from upstairs and/or Martell used common sense and logic to deduce that since the puck was under Mike Smiths pads and Smiths pads were across the goal line a legal goal should be counted. I agree with the referees ultimate decision in that it is most logical and probable that the puck completely crossed the goal line. I have personally stood on the goal line and signaled a goal when the puck was caught by the goalkeeper with his glove across the line and then pulled his glove and the puck forward out of the net. The puck was in the glove and the glove was across the goal line and inside the net. I also counted goals when the goalkeeper carried the puck across the line and into the net. I made these decisions immediately and without hesitation. There was no video review to act as a safety net. Even when the review process was implemented I wanted to see the play and make the call. - This very late decision by the on-ice referee Thursday night following video review highlights at least two flaws in the current system. The first is that two different standards can be applied in determining goals. Video review must clearly see the puck across the goal line with an unobstructed view before they will verify a goal. The evidence must be unequivocal! If this cant be achieved video review personnel render an inconclusive verdict even in cases where it appears logical that the puck would have crossed the line. - The referee, on the other hand, as we saw demonstrate on this call, allowed a goal to stand by applying logic, common sense and the power of deduction to determine that in his judgment the puck had crossed the goal line. My recommendation is to provide the referee with the authority to review controversial goals at ice level (including goalkeeper interference) and have the final authority and judgment in these matters. The optics on JVRs ultimate goal determination looked ridiculous! Referee Martell (and Devorski) did not make a decision on the play in real time. Martell then spent several minutes communicating through a head set and staring into space. Following the inconclusive review verdict, Referee Martell was forced to render a final decision - one that he was unable or unwilling to make in real time! The Refs are supposed to make a call one way or the other in real time; let them also make the final decision through the video review process, As Referee Rob Martell demonstrated Thursday night, thats in their job description and what they get paid to do! [b]Broncos Jerseys China[/b] . The ongoing funk on penalty kill and an unusually quiet night on home ice for the power play divided the Leafs from the Bruins at the ACC in a rare Sunday night affair. [b]Shane Ray Jersey[/b] . He scored two highlight-reel goals in a three-minute span -- the second on a sideways bicycle kick in the 78th minute -- to give the Whitecaps a 2-2 draw with the Portland Timbers before a crowd of 20,303 at B.When it comes to masterpieces, the portrait of the 2013-14 Premier League season will not be hanging in a gallery of any prestige. Teams one through twenty competing in Englands top flight are each fatally flawed. A wide-open, highly competitive and mistake-filled season has followed. Its all been very entertaining. But near perfection from any team has been only but a dream. Through the mess of inconsistent play, its Liverpool FC shining brightest. With just four games to go, Liverpool looks set to win their first top flight league title since 1989-90. Liverpool controls its own destiny; a situation entirely far-fetched even just months ago. Who knew all it would take was the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson for Liverpool to fly back towards their perch. Even in retirement Ferguson warned of Liverpools potential. The Fergie kryptonite is no more. The beauty of imperfection; its the ideal way to describe Liverpools season. The team play, the goals, and the tempo – its been beautiful to watch. But through all the beauty are an abundance of flaws. Defensively, the team remains a mess, on pace to concede more goals than any Premier League Champion in its 22-year history. The squad leaves much to be desired, having holes that would make Swiss cheese envious. None of the shortcomings are a bother to Liverpool supporters, but it will be reasonable to question whether long-term, continued success is sustainable at Anfield. Those questions will be asked and answered another day. So how has this come to be? How has Liverpool made the meteoric jump from lesser like to the top of the pile? Confidence is a funny thing. Subtle moves have paid dividends, no more than the acquisition of goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. The Belgian has conceded a number of head-scratching goals, but they have been far outweighed by his stabilizing demeanor, bringing belief to a vulnerable and ever-changing back four. His goals-against average doesnt flatter, but his influence does. Young players have also emerged, but its been a snowball effect. Confidence is contagious. The team has remained on the same page through transfer window rumour turmoil, leaks in defence and multiple injuries at key positions. The successful formula has been entirely impressive. Liverpool doesnt experience the lulls in matches typical to Manchester City. Nor do they rely on the negative approach of Chelsea. And they certainly dont encounter the tactical brain cramps of Arsenal. Other teams may have better players, more talent and higher payrolls. But none have the team spirit and belief of Liverpool. No matter how, the fact remains title contending football has returned to Merseyside. Commitment to team play and consistency in approach no matter the formation has culminated in a 10 game winning streak and a two-point cushion atop the table. Credit the manager Brendan Rodgers, who in less than two years has transformed his team from long-ball fiends to a group confident with the ball on the ground with the best off the ball movement in the Premier League. The shredding of the Manchester City backline Sunday in a back and forth 3-2 victory is testament to the confidence within the team and commitment to playing well-balanced, attractive football. Capitalizing on mistakes is part of it; no team has been more advantageous than Rodgers men, scoring an incredible 93 goals. Phillipe Coutinhos 76th minute winner was product of a Vincent Kompany gaffe, rather than any superior ball movement that has become commonplace for the Reds. But the cool finish by the Brazilian is trademark of this years team; calm, cool and collected in front of goal. The scenes at the final whistle were as memorable as the game itself, with longtime captain and inspirational leader Steven Gerrard emotionally addressing his teammates in huddle. The finish line is there to be seen. Gerrard will be relied to navigate across the line through potential rough waters. Norwich City lay ahead on the weekend. A trip to Carrow Road will not scare, even without Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge available. Luis Suarez has scored 11 goals in five meetings against Norwich, and the Canaries are on a run of form as dire as any in the league. Typically, this weekends fixture would scream let-down game for Liverpool. Especiallly after a week thats been a roller coaster ride of emotions, from the win against City through the 25th anniversary services commemorating the 96 lives lost in the Hillsborough tragedy. [b]Shaquil Barrett Jersey[/b]. Its all been a deeply moving and mentally exhausting week: from reflection to justice. 25 years of pain and anguish for the club, families and friends involved in the tragedy. At the same time but altogether much different, 25 years of an alternative kind of pain from inferior results by their beloved team on the field. Liverpool has remained a worldwide marketing force as one of Europes most decorated clubs. The ability to compete without a new stadium, against the financial giants of the Premier League has left Liverpool secondary citizens in a league they used to dominate. That is until now. The old flame is back. The belief. The winning attitude. Citys money, Chelseas Chosen One, Arsenals big city charm, and previous dominance of United are secondary for now. The feelings of 25 years are back for all the right reasons. Liverpools 2005 Champions League glory was a small reminder of where the club had come from. A Premier League title in 2013-14 would mean so much more. Through the beauty of imperfection, Liverpool is almost there. Other Musings - Crystal Palace looked relegation bound mere months ago. Now they are flying, winning four straight, look safe from relegation and a playing a big role in the title race. Palace dealt Everton a crucial blow towards Champions League qualification, going to Goodison Park and beating the upstart Toffees 3-2. Jason Puncheon has emerged a scoring machine and true difference maker in the Palace midfield. You have to feel good for Puncheon, who had trouble getting over a horrible penalty miss against Spurs in January. From embarrassment to electric play, Puncheon has been fantastic. Manager Tony Pulis has got Palace playing in the mold of his former club, Stoke City. Palace is big, strong, determined and out-work virtually every team they play. Joel Wards defending has been outstanding, and the January additions of Scott Dann and Joe Ledley have been massive. Palace has a huge role to play, with a fixture against Liverpool at Selhurst Park ahead. The May 5th result will go a long way to determining who will be Champion. - Was Saturdays FA Cup semifinal shootout victory the moment that keeps Arsene Wenger at Arsenal? The Gunners were pushed to the brink by FA Cup holders Wigan, in a match lacking requisite commitment by the London-side until late. The over-the-top end of game celebration showed what the result meant for a club without meaningful silverware since 2005. The trophy drought is unacceptable for any club of Arsenals magnitude. Wengers 4th place is a win mentality shouldnt sit well either. But that doesnt mean he shouldnt be back at the club for another season. A proper succession plan is required for a club with a vision dominated by one figure for the better part of two decades. Manchester United was ill equipped to deal with Fergusons sudden departure. Arsenal should be thinking long-term and plan accordingly for what post-Wenger life at the Emirates will look like. The finances are in good order. But a new footballing vision would be welcomed. A new short-term deal is preferable for Wenger with a proper plan how to proceed in place. A knee-jerk decision on Wengers future is the last thing the club needs. - Its time for Jose Mourinho to shine. Enough downplaying his teams chances of winning the league. Chelsea is right in the mix. A win at Anfield would put Mourinhos men in pole position for the title. The problem: the Liverpool fixture is sandwiched between Chelseas Champions League semi-final tie against Atletico Madrid. How Mourinho manages his side and the tactical approach will be critical. While he can play a conservative, defensive approach in the first leg at Atletico, similar tactics will not be suffice for the trip to Liverpool. He will have to open things up and play to win at Anfield; something his team hasnt done on away travels this season in the Premier League. The next fortnight will test all Mourinho brings to the table to see if he can get the most of his squad thats still in transition. 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